What do consumers value more, online security or convenience?

Read Brad Allen write about the  clear divide between online adopters and skeptics and how it raises challenges for the retail and financial services industries on Star Tribune : When Pat Alexander read about the Equifax data breach, the 58-year-old former computer programmer from Roseville was not surprised. She had seen enough in her 15 […]

Data breaches can haunt victims for years after they happen

Read why Erik Waxler’s says that data breaches can haunt victims for years to come after they happen on ABC Action News : Sri Sridharan said there’s so much of your private information for sale on the dark web that hackers have trouble selling all of it. “Last Christmas season, they had so much information on […]

Media Data Breaches May Impact Direct-To-Consumer Transactions

Read  Wayne Friedman’s article about how media data breach can impact consumer transactions on Media Post : Trusting your cable provider can be an increasingly tough thing. Forget about high prices forcing many to cut the cord. Now, some of those companies can’t even keep your consumer data safe. Read his full article here.

The GDPR: Adding Teeth to Data Privacy

Data breaches and related identity theft have reached epidemic proportion. According to a recent global survey by KPMG International, for example, more than half (55%) of consumers said they had abandoned online purchases due to privacy concerns. Read more about the new survey by KPMG International which reveals that 55% of consumers said they had […]

Landmark $115 million settlement reached in Anthem data breach suit, consumers could feel sting

A proposed settlement has been reached in the landmark Anthem data breach case, which saw the personal information of nearly 79 million people stolen and is being referred to as the biggest data breach in history, lawyers involved with the case announced. Read why Anthem Inc consumers could feel the sting of the record $115 […]

Involved in a Data Breach? What Every Consumer Needs to Know

Data breaches are happening with alarming regularity. From major retailers to government agencies, no business is immune from the scourge of data appropriation and identity theft. If you were caught up in one of those data breaches, you should have received a notification from the company involved and a list of steps you can take to […]

What Consumers Think About Businesses Post–Data Breach

Read Endri Hasanaj’s article about what consumers think of businesses which have suffered a data breach on Consumer Think : Over the past few years, hundreds of businesses have suffered the ultimate technology failure: the data breach. Even enormous companies, such as Target, eBay, The Home Depot, and JP Morgan Chase, that claim more than […]

Consumers are passing off security responsibility to others: Gemalto

Consumers are putting the responsibility for protecting their personal data in the hands of the organisations holding their data, rather than themselves, a report from security firm Gemalto has said. Read about the new 2016 Data Breaches and Customer Loyalty report by Gemalto which reveals that respondents believe that 70 percent of the responsibility for protecting and […]

Are Consumers Accepting Data Breaches as the New Normal?

Read why Caroline Black says that the data breach is becoming the new normal for consumers on Dataconomy : Today, we’re more connected than ever thanks to the prevalence of smartphones in our lives, and their integration with Cloud services. This comes at a cost, however. With so much of our personal information online, data […]

Cybersecurity is just too much trouble for the general public, claims study

Oh dear. It may very well be National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, but a new study suggests that many of the general public have thrown in the towel and given up. The detailed study, from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), suggests that the public is suffering from “security fatigue” and a feeling of helplessness […]