What C-level leaders need to know about cybersecurity

‘Read why Matt Hamblen says that CEOs, board members need to be aware of cybersecurity  issues and not leave those matters to CIOs on Computer World : Despite the scale and potential harm from cyber-attacks, there’s wide recognition that corporate leaders, especially boards of directors, aren’t taking the necessary actions to defend their companies against such attacks. […]

When Does Data Breach Liability Extend To The Boardroom?

Read Joseph B. Crace Jr. and Virginia M. Yetter’s article about how and when company law boards become liable for company data breach on Law 360 : Data breaches involving major companies and impacting millions of consumers have become ubiquitous. Indeed, it often seems as though a new incident is announced daily. As a rising […]

A boardroom shift is required to counter cyber threats

Read why Robert Hannigan says that a total boardroom shift is required to counter growing cyber threats on FT: In recent months public attention has been on state-led cyber attacks, from the drama of Russian aggression to crude North Korean online bank heists. Of course these matter and we have recently written to UK political parties […]

Yahoo breaches underline executive role in cyber security

Read why Warwick Ashford says that Yahoo hack attack underlines the executive and company boards role in cyber security on Computer Weekly : The Yahoo board has decided to withhold CEO Marissa Mayer’s 2016 annual bonus in connection with a series of data breaches and accepted her offer to forego her 2017 stock award. Read […]

Executives and Board Members Could Face Liability for Data Breaches

Read why Albert Bianchi, Jr., Michelle L. Dama and Adrienne S. Ehrhardt argue that executives and board members could face liability for data breaches on National Law Review : By now, most everyone is aware that Yahoo was hacked in both 2013 and 2014 and had names, passwords, and other account data of between 500 million and one […]

Is The Board Ready For A Cyber Attack?

Read Sohini Bagchi’s article about whether company boards are prepared for a cyber attack on CXO Today : Cyber security and its management is a huge concern across the enterprise with newer and complex security threats constantly evolving. In today’s times, cyber security is not just limited as a technology issue. The importance of senior […]

Five Principles for Stronger Board Oversight of Cybersecurity

Read Robyn Bew list five principles through which company boards can exert stronger oversight of cyber security on Brink News : One of the most important jobs of the board is to challenge management and test their assumptions about strategy, the competitive environment, and associated risks and opportunities. Many directors would say that they are most […]

Board Can Play A Key Role In Curbing Cyber Threats

Boards and senior management in organizations are increasingly understanding that cybercrime is a risk management issue that affects the entire organization and requires board oversight. However, although directors know that they need to stay informed about cybersecurity, keeping up with it in the complex, rapidly evolving threat landscape often becomes challenging. Read how company boards […]

What Executives and Board Members Should Demand of Security

Read Alex Moyes explain what company boards should demand of cyber security on Infosec Magazine : If there is an active intruder in your network, you would likely not know. Like most organizations, you would be in the dark. It is entirely possible that months or even years ago, an outsider gained access to the network […]

UK CEOs rate cyber risks as second most significant threat

As world leaders gathered in Davos last week, cyber risks again featured high on the agenda. PwC’s CEO Survey reveals that three-quarters (76 per cent) of UK CEOs consider cyber risks to be a significant business threat. This is second only to the availability of key skills, and ahead of changing consumer behaviour, the speed […]