Why directors should learn to love cybersecurity

Read why company boards should take cyber security seriously on Board Agenda : Beyond core company growth and profit, board directors have plenty of competing priorities they “must” attend to, such as regulatory change, the digital economy, culture, diversity, investor relations, political events like Brexit…the list goes on. And cybersecurity should be in there somewhere. […]

How to sell cybersecurity to your executive team

Read  Scott Schlimmer’s article about how CIOs and CSOs can sell cyber security to company boards on CSO Online : Despite repeated major, high-profile breaches, most cybersecurity teams still struggle to get sufficient funding. “After this hack, cybersecurity budgets are bound to increase.” We’ve all thought it. But, curiously, it may not always happen. Read his […]

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Must be a Boardroom issue

Read Alan Levine’s article about why cyber security awareness should be a company board issue on Infosec Magazine : Members of the board sit in a highly privileged position, and have access to some of the most sensitive corporate information around. However, statistics show that as many as 68% of those in FTSE 350 firms […]

Preventing Credential Theft: A Security Checklist for Boards

Read Rinki Sethi’s checklist for company boards to prevent credential thefts on Dark Reading : Within any organization, certain employees have access to information that could tip the scales of risk for the business. If a cybercriminal were to gain access to a company’s most sensitive information through stealing credentials from one of these employees, […]

Half of ITDMs: Cybersecurity Still Not a Top Priority for the Board

Almost half of IT decision makers (ITDMs) think members of the board still do not consider cybersecurity to be a top priority, according to findings from Fortinet’s Global Enterprise Security Survey. Read more about the new Fortinet’s Global Enterprise Security Survey which reveals that 48% of the decision makers believe that business executives are not making cybersecurity […]

Give CISOs a Say: The Cyber Security Paradox

Read why Marc Lueck says that companies should give CISOs a say in board meetings on CBR Online : In 2017, organisations have a growing list of cyber security challenges they need to face up to, in order to keep the enterprise secure. Not only has there been a sharp rise in the number of […]

Money Talks: Speaking the Language of Money to Boost Security Awareness Among CEOs

Read why David Strom says that speaking about money is important to boost security awareness among CEO’s on Security Intelligence : Security weaknesses often start at the top of organizations. According to Code42’s “CTRL-Z Study 2017,” 75 percent of CEOs and more than half of other top executives admitted that they use applications that are […]

Security leaders need better visibility of risk before the board asks

Is your environment more or less complex than it was last year? And what about the changing threat landscape? When we blend them together, we get increasing complexity with evolving threats. And now that security is a top area of concern in the executive suite and boardroom, the pressure mounts. Read why Kevin Cunningham of SailPoint […]

Calls for UK boards to be better educated on cyber threats

The latest government cyber governance health check and a survey of the UK’s top 350 companies have revealed that more than two-thirds of boards have not received training to deal with a cyber incident, but this is no surprise, according to security commentators. Read about the latest United Kingdom government cyber governance health check which […]

Black Hat: How Hackers Brief the Board to Improve Security Outcomes

Briefing executive management on security issues isn’t always an easy task, but it’s one that Matt Devost, managing director at Accenture, has 20 years of experience doing. Read Matt Devost of Accenture explain how hackers brief the company board about cyber security strategies at Black Hat conference on eWeek.