Calls for UK boards to be better educated on cyber threats

The latest government cyber governance health check and a survey of the UK’s top 350 companies have revealed that more than two-thirds of boards have not received training to deal with a cyber incident, but this is no surprise, according to security commentators. Read about the latest United Kingdom government cyber governance health check which […]

Black Hat: How Hackers Brief the Board to Improve Security Outcomes

Briefing executive management on security issues isn’t always an easy task, but it’s one that Matt Devost, managing director at Accenture, has 20 years of experience doing. Read Matt Devost of Accenture explain how hackers brief the company board about cyber security strategies at Black Hat conference on eWeek.

Should CEOs be held responsible for data breaches?

CEOs should be the ones responsible in case of a cyber-attack and a data breach in an organisation, according to a new report by Tripwire. Polling Infosecurity Europe 2017 attendees on who should be held accountable in such a scenario, 40 per cent said CEOs. CISOs are the second in line with 21 per cent of […]

Why CEOs need to understand how software is built

Read why Nick Ismail says that company CEO or a senior company board member should know how software is built on Information Age : Does your CEO understand every element of your business? At first glance, this may seem like a strange question. As the senior figurehead of an organisation, the CEO role by nature […]

Australia’s boards don’t really understand their cyber security risks

The boards of the vast majority of Australia’s biggest listed companies have non-existent or limited understanding of the biggest IT security risks to their organisation, the ASX’s first cyber health check has found. Read more about the new report by ASX which reveals that Australian company boards have limited understanding of cyber security risks their […]

“Cybersecurity Trends for Boards of Directors”

Cybersecurity has in recent years become an integral component of a board’s role in risk oversight, but directors often find themselves in unfamiliar territory when it comes to formulating policies and oversight processes that address cybersecurity risk. Read about the top cyber security trends for board of directors on JD Supra.

IT teams and management at odds over security policies, survey finds

New Zealand organisations are struggling to manage the multitude of issues surrounding cyber attacks – and many executives can’t even agree amongst themselves, a new study by Perceptive on behalf of Kordia has found. Read about the new survey by Perceptive which reveals that the IT teams and management seem to disagree a lot over […]

What C-level leaders need to know about cybersecurity

‘Read why Matt Hamblen says that CEOs, board members need to be aware of cybersecurity  issues and not leave those matters to CIOs on Computer World : Despite the scale and potential harm from cyber-attacks, there’s wide recognition that corporate leaders, especially boards of directors, aren’t taking the necessary actions to defend their companies against such attacks. […]

When Does Data Breach Liability Extend To The Boardroom?

Read Joseph B. Crace Jr. and Virginia M. Yetter’s article about how and when company law boards become liable for company data breach on Law 360 : Data breaches involving major companies and impacting millions of consumers have become ubiquitous. Indeed, it often seems as though a new incident is announced daily. As a rising […]

A boardroom shift is required to counter cyber threats

Read why Robert Hannigan says that a total boardroom shift is required to counter growing cyber threats on FT: In recent months public attention has been on state-led cyber attacks, from the drama of Russian aggression to crude North Korean online bank heists. Of course these matter and we have recently written to UK political parties […]