Is Cloud Security a Safe Bet for Highly Sensitive Government Data?

Read  George Moraetes’ article about whether cloud security is good for storing government data on Security Intelligence : Security is the primary focus of any government agency. One of the most obvious pitfalls of these agencies moving highly sensitive data to the cloud is that they surrender control to a third party. Moreover, nothing on […]

Who Is Responsible for Cloud Security?

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What does moving to the cloud offer your small business?

All you seem to hear these days is that small business should move to the cloud and embrace the “digital revolution.” But I have a decidedly analog business – a retail store literally on Main street – so I am wondering what really is in it for me. Explain to me please what I am […]

Four ways the cloud improves your cyber security posture

Read Christian Morin list four ways in which cloud adoption can help businesses in their cyber defense on Source Security : Adoption of the cloud is not slowing down. In fact, what’s happening is quite the opposite. According to IDC, worldwide spending on cloud computing is expected to reach $162 billion USD in 2020, growing at […]

Why Security Should Become A Service At Cloud-Centric Businesses

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A Journey Into the Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud Security: Navigating Past Complexity

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10 Reasons to Invest in Cloud Communications

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3 Ways to Protect Your Data in the Cloud

For consumers, the cloud is a big blessing: It lets them store huge amounts of information—music, messages, photos and so on—at little or no cost. Thanks to a wide array of services, it’s possible to squirrel away as much digital data as you like without buying extra equipment like hard drives or memory sticks. Read […]

Cyber Threats Driving Growth In Cloud Applications

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