Cyber Threats Driving Growth In Cloud Applications

Read why Michael Sheikh says that cyber threats are driving companies to adopt cloud technology on Seeking Alpha : Cyber threats continue to dominate headlines and corporations have grown increasingly reliant on outsourcing their IT needs onto the cloud instead of investing in their own infrastructure and servers. The reasons include that it’s simply not […]

Cloud Security: 11 Best Practices

From the very beginning of the cloud computing era, security has been the biggest concern among enterprises that are considering the public cloud. For many organizations, the idea of storing data or running applications on infrastructure that they do not manage seems inherently insecure. Read  Cynthia Harvey list eleven best practices for cloud security on […]

Avoid new cloud security threats with continuous monitoring, testing

Read Kathleen Casey explain how continuous monitoring and testing can help companies avoid new cloud security threats on Tech Target : With high-profile data breaches often in headlines, cloud security threats are a top concern for enterprises. And, given the fast-paced and self-service nature of cloud computing, IT teams need to adopt a more proactive and […]

8 Steps to Evaluating Cloud Service Security

Read Dave Jones list the eight methods in which companies can evaluate cloud service security on CPA Practice Advisor : With the current break-neck pace of software and technology we can often overlook the fact that “the cloud” is really just outsourcing. The term “cloud” is simply a catch-all term for subscription-based services running on […]

Healthcare IT pros believe data is safer in the cloud

Healthcare IT professionals and executives believe overwhelmingly that when facing hardware malfunctions and environmental disasters, their organization’s data is safer in the cloud than on premises, according to Evolve IP. Read about the new report by Evolve IP which reveals that most healthcare IT pros believe that data is safer in the cloud on Help […]

Why Cloud Integration Is Critical for Mobility

With most organizations looking to increase investment in their mobility efforts in 2017, cloud integration is emerging as a must-have IT mobility capability, according to a recent survey from DMI and Clutch. Companies are also proactively pursuing mobile device and mobile app management, in addition to internet of things (IoT) integration, findings reveal. Read/see the […]

Cloud Security: 8 Things You Need to Know When Choosing a Storage Service

When you decide to start using a cloud storage or online backup provider, you may have some worries about security: we’ve all seen the sensational headlines about starlets having naked pictures of themselves stolen from their online accounts. The power that the U.S. Senate has recently granted to ISPs may also inspire worry. Read about […]

What the Cloudbleed disaster says about the state of internet security

Read Nick Ismail’s article about how Cloudbleed bug caused a data leak on Information Age : Last month, Cloudflare, a web content delivery network, revealed that a security bug had caused sensitive data to leak from its customers’ websites.The security bug, or Cloudbleed, was found in a part of the Cloudflare system that powered vital […]

Physical Security Continues to Move to the Cloud as Concerns Wane

Physical security applications, like video surveillance and badge scanning, continue to migrate to the cloud, with 57% of respondents believing the cloud is a cyber-safe environment for these kinds of operations. Read about the new study by Schneider Electric which reveals that nearly half of respondents indicated that they already run security applications in the […]

Security Priorities and Multi-Cloud Migration – What to Secure First

Read Oliver Pinson-Roxbrough make a case for multiple cloud migration on Infosec Magazine : There is no shortage of news on public cloud adoption trends in our industry, but what isn’t regularly making the headlines is the trend towards multi-cloud adoption. Industry experts and analysts like Gartner recommend standardization on multiple IaaS cloud service providers as a […]