10 Major Cloud Storage Security Slip-Ups (So Far) this Year

One of many concerning security trends from 2017 is the accidental exposure of cloud data via misconfigured Simple Storage Service (S3) buckets from Amazon Web Services. This year has been marked with several data leaks from major organizations, most recently Accenture. Read/see the slideshow explaining the 10 major cloud storage security slip-ups in 2017 on […]

New Report Warns Careless Cloud Storage Use Has Security Consequences

More than half of organizations using cloud storage services like AWS S3 have inadvertently exposed one or more service to the public, according to new research released by cloud security company RedLock. Read more about the new report by RedLock which reveals that 81 percent of organizations are not managing host vulnerabilities in the public cloud […]

A lack of cloud skills could cost companies money

A poll from Europe finds two in three IT decision makers say their organization is losing out on revenue because their firm lacks specific cloud expertise. Read about the new report by Rackspace which found that 71 percent of IT decision makers believed their organizations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise […]

When to purchase cloud security services

Read Sara Friedman’s article about when companies should purchase cloud security services on GCN: With new cloud security technologies coming to market every day, it can be challenging for agencies to figure out when invest in these services.  Gartner’s  cloud security hype cycle can help agencies determine when particular cloud solutions are mature and stable […]

The Cloud Security Risks Hidden in Plain Sight

Read  Rick M Robinson’s article about the cloud security risks that are hidden in plain sight on Security Intelligence : There are two popular attitudes about cloud security, and both of them are wrong. One belief is that putting data in the cloud amounts to putting it on the public internet for anyone to access. Read […]

The 6 phases of adopting cloud security practices

Read Jon Oltsik list the six phases of adopting best cloud security practices on CSO Online : My colleague Doug Cahill and I have been following the development of cloud security for the past few years. What we’ve noticed is that many organizations tend to track through a pattern of actions as their organization embraces […]

Getting Strict about Cloud and VoIP Implementations

Read why says that companies should get strict with cloud and VoIP implementation to prevent cyber crime on No Jitters : The latest version of the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) Security Policy document puts severe constraints on VoIP and cloud Implementations for organizations that require access to CJIS databases. As reviewed in the […]

Power, Performance, and the Cloud

Read ohn Maddison’s article about why companies should adopt cloud services on CSO Online : While the continued growth of the cloud is assured, there seems to be little evidence that there will be a lot of organizations that will be moving their entire infrastructure into the public cloud anytime soon. Read his full article here.

How to put your physical security systems into the cloud

Read explain how companies can put their physical security systems into the cloud on IFSEC Global : The cloud era has the potential to change every aspect of physical security, offering alternative ways of doing things, opportunities to realise greater long-term value from legacy systems, and capabilities that have simply never existed before. Read his […]

Major factors impacting cloud security

Read Nick Ismail list the major factors impacting cloud security on Information Age : Companies that adopt cloud within their organisation can release products quicker, protect their customer data from security threats, and achieve economies of scale at a faster rate than companies with traditional IT environments. Read his full article here.