Cloud access management is integral to adopting cloud applications

The proliferation of cloud applications and use of a disparate range of devices within businesses has led to 64% of IT leaders admitting that their security teams are considering implementing consumer-grade access to cloud services for employees. Surveying more than 1,000 IT decision makers globally, Gemalto’s 2018 Identity and Access Management Index revealed that 54% believe that […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider Right Now

The cloud is fairly new territory for many organizations and, consequently, it’s an area where mistakes are made stemming from confusion around the role cloud service providers play in security, and how companies should work with them. “Organizations looking to host their data in cloud service providers have the best intentions in mind, and the […]

93% of Cloud Applications Aren’t Enterprise-Ready

Data shows the average businesses has 1,181 cloud services, and nearly all of them — 92.7% — are not enterprise-ready. This data comes from Netskope, which discovered trends around cloud service adoption and usage by analyzing anonymized data from its Netskope Active Platform. The number of cloud services ranges from a few hundred in smaller organizations to […]

Even with cloud providers implementing defenses, glaring weaknesses remain

A new report from RedLock offers a look at the threats and vulnerabilities that continue to mount in public cloud computing environments. Poor user and API access hygiene, combined with ineffective visibility and user activity monitoring, are causing organizations to be more vulnerable to breaches. For example, 73% of organizations allow the root user account to be used […]

Cloud sync vs backup: Which disaster recovery works better for business continuity?

Backup is the traditional way most businesses protect their digital assets from disaster. At regular intervals, changes in local storage are transferred to either a local backup device or a cloud backup service. Usually, these changes are incremental and go into backup archives. A good backup service will store ongoing snapshots, so it’s always possible […]

Security vs. Speed: The Risk of Rushing to the Cloud

Businesses deploying cloud-based applications and services often overlook critical security steps as they scramble to keep up with the latest technology, and the rush is putting them at risk. “There’s a lot of customers who have this cloud-first mandate,” says JK Lialias, senior director of cloud access at Forcepoint. “They’ve been told, ‘thou shalt move […]

Innovative organizations build security into their cloud strategy

Businesses are increasingly evolving their security strategy to advance their cloud strategy. Based on research and interviews with industry practitioners, Hurwitz & Associates sees clear evidence that balancing velocity and security in the cloud starts with adopting new approaches to security. In the cloud, continuous integration practices shorten cycle times and improve efficiency. When confronted by the […]

Cloud security configuration errors put data at risk; new tools can help

Last fall, a security researcher discovered four Amazon S3 storage buckets with highly sensitive data such as client credentials and a backup database containing 40,000 passwords. Accenture had accidentally set the buckets to allow public access, and all the information was fully exposed. The researcher notified Accenture, and Accenture locked down the data. Accenture wasn’t alone. Other […]

Selling Cloud-Based Cybersecurity to a Skeptic

Nearly five years ago, a study conducted by the MIT Sloan Management Review found that the vast majority of business managers surveyed believed that “achieving digital transformation” – the process of virtualizing operations and migrating toward the cloud – was critical to their organizations. Yet the same report showed that 63% of respondents believed their organization was […]

Why the Cloud is more secure than storing data on site

We have all heard about how cloud services provide better utilization of resources through maximum optimisation but very few know that storing data in the cloud is more secure than storing it on premises. Forget individuals, even the big and global companies have difficulties storing their data and for them, cloud services are the only […]