New Survey Shows Hybrid Cloud Confidence

A new survey of executives shows that the vast majority are deploying hybrid cloud architectures for their organization. When queried about the state of their IT security, the breakdown is interesting: Half say it’s healthy, one-quarter have some level of concern, and one-quarter seem to be at best overconfident, at worst delusional. The survey, sponsored […]

7 Steps to a Smooth, Secure Cloud Transition

Cloud adoption has ramped up over the past five years, according to a new Cloud Threat Report released by Oracle and KPMG this week. The percentage of businesses using public cloud services went from 57% in 2013 to 85% in 2018. In 2013, only 21% of organizations said they used infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). This year, that […]

82% of cyber pros worry employees don’t follow cloud security policies

The shift to the cloud is becoming a business imperative for the majority of companies, as 87% of public and private organizations now have cloud-first initiatives in place, according to a new report from Oracle and KPMG. While the cloud offers benefits such as cost savings and the ability to move faster on certain projects, it also […]

Enterprise cloud adoption outstrips cybersecurity capabilities

Enterprise companies are adopting SaaS at a rapid pace but are failing to budget for security solutions to protect the data they hold, research suggests. This week, cloud security firm iboss released a white paper documenting the rising adoption rates of software as a service (SaaS) applications, which while often valuable for companies, may also pose a risk […]

Only 16% of organizations believe their current security can protect them in the cloud

Cybersecurity experts expressed worry about the surge in cloud computing, highlighting a wide variety of potential issues that have either already cropped up or will crop up in the near future, according to a survey by Crowd Research Partners. The group spoke to more than 1,900 cyber security professionals in the 400,000-member Information Security Community […]

Data Protection And The Cloud: A Hybrid World Deserves Hybrid Security

Read why Yaki Faitelson says that the interconnected world where cloud services play a very important role need a special hybrid security on Forbes : Companies are moving data into the cloud. While we haven’t reached a hockey-stick growth curve, the forecasts I’ve seen point to an increase in cloud storage and use over the next few […]

Like any threat, malware evolves: Discover new trends

Cofense released the 2018 Cofense Malware Review, detailing the trends that defined malware attacks in 2017 and the emerging trends for network defenders to prioritize in 2018. While a couple of high profile breaches stole the spotlight in 2017, Cofense’s global security team uncovered a number of less visible evolutions that dramatically changed the threat […]

Cloud access management is integral to adopting cloud applications

The proliferation of cloud applications and use of a disparate range of devices within businesses has led to 64% of IT leaders admitting that their security teams are considering implementing consumer-grade access to cloud services for employees. Surveying more than 1,000 IT decision makers globally, Gemalto’s 2018 Identity and Access Management Index revealed that 54% believe that […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Cloud Provider Right Now

The cloud is fairly new territory for many organizations and, consequently, it’s an area where mistakes are made stemming from confusion around the role cloud service providers play in security, and how companies should work with them. “Organizations looking to host their data in cloud service providers have the best intentions in mind, and the […]

Zero-Day Attacks Major Concern in Hybrid Cloud

Securing cloud-based and legacy systems is a balancing act, and businesses have a tough time staying upright. As the race to the cloud picks up speed, many are struggling to fully protect their hybrid environments from zero-day attacks. Researchers at Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) polled 450 IT and security pros in North America and Western […]