CISOs just can’t keep up with flood of data breaches

More than 80 percent of CISOs reported that some detected data breaches are going unaddressed, and 70 percent said it is difficult to prioritize threats based on business criticality, according to a new survey of 300 chief information security officers from around the world conducted by ServiceNow, an IT vendor whose products and services include […]

Five Key Challenges Facing CSOs Today

Read Ashwin Pal list five key challenges to the CSOs today on CSO Online : 2016 has been a tough year for IT security and the trend seems to be continuing into 2017. We have now become accustomed to groups such as Anonymous that have wreaked havoc on a number of large government and corporate […]

What healthcare CISOs should know

Read Zeljka Zorz’s article about what every healthcare organisation CISO should know on Help Net Security : “Are we more secure today than yesterday?” is the question every healthcare organization needs to asks itself every day. in order to develop a more effective security posture, says Rami Essaid, CEO of Distil Networks. Read her full […]

Why the CIO should care about Cyber Security

Read David Gee’s article about why a CIO should care about cyber security on CSO Online : In the past Information Security and Risk were not in any measure a key focus areas for the CIO. Today there are multiple risks that every business faces and cyber security is now becoming on the radar of the […]

What CISOs Need To Know About The State Of Cybersecurity

Read Alexander Polyakov’s article about what CISOs should know about the state of cyber security on Forbes : Enterprises are under an endless stream of cyberattacks. The sophistication of these attacks is evolving, and the number is not expected to decrease. Any emerging technology — be it mobile devices and related BYOD policies, artificial intelligence […]

Creating the reality of unified risk oversight

Read Steve Lasky’s article about how security executives can work towards creating a unified risk oversight on Security Info Watch : If there was one constant that resonated among those attending the Security Executive Council’s (SEC) two-day Next Generation Security Leader (NGSL) event this week it was that risk is constantly evolving and communication is […]

What keeps CIOs & CISOs up at night

Read Jeff Byers’ article about what keeps healthcare CIOs and CISOs up full night on Healthcare Dive : From a cybersecurity perspective, November 2016 wasn’t a good month for the healthcare industry. According to Protenus, there were 58 health data breaches in November, the highest number of such events in 2016. Come to think of […]

6 Challenges CISOs Will Face in 2017

Read Chris Hodson’s article about the top six challenges for CISO’s in 2017 on Zscaler Blog : We all know that the role of the CISO is changing; we’re expected to have a professional toolkit of astute business leader, technical guru and possess a Ph.D. in Powerpoint. What is less well documented are the pain […]

What CISOs Need To Know Before Adopting Biometrics

Read Todd Thibodeaux explain what CISO’s need to know before implementing biometrics in their organisation on Dark Reading : Businesses have long sought a better way to balance end-user security and usability, and it’s clear the password-only model needs to change. Faced with employees who are unwilling to remember more than a handful of unique passwords […]

US CISOs Earn $273,033 Per Year

The average salary of chief information security officers (CISOs) in the US is $273,033 (including bonuses), according to a new survey. The study by Security Current surveyed 74 CISOs nationwide about their salaries and other issues. Read about how CISO working in businesses in the United States earn $273,033 per year on Dark Reading.