6 Challenges CISOs Will Face in 2017

Read Chris Hodson’s article about the top six challenges for CISO’s in 2017 on Zscaler Blog : We all know that the role of the CISO is changing; we’re expected to have a professional toolkit of astute business leader, technical guru and possess a Ph.D. in Powerpoint. What is less well documented are the pain […]

What CISOs Need To Know Before Adopting Biometrics

Read Todd Thibodeaux explain what CISO’s need to know before implementing biometrics in their organisation on Dark Reading : Businesses have long sought a better way to balance end-user security and usability, and it’s clear the password-only model needs to change. Faced with employees who are unwilling to remember more than a handful of unique passwords […]

US CISOs Earn $273,033 Per Year

The average salary of chief information security officers (CISOs) in the US is $273,033 (including bonuses), according to a new survey. The study by Security Current surveyed 74 CISOs nationwide about their salaries and other issues. Read about how CISO working in businesses in the United States earn $273,033 per year on Dark Reading.

Why it’s so difficult for SOC teams to trust automation

Read Meny Har’s article about why it is difficult for the security teams to trust automation on SC Magazine : In the complex corporate security environment, automation is increasingly the “go-to” answer for organizations lost in a sea of alerts, logs and data. For many, it’s the only way to address their most critical processes […]

3 Ways CISOs Can Partner with Chief Data Officers

“My role as chief data officer is to oversee four things … that I think are critically important,” said Nick Marko as he moderated a panel discussion on the evolving role of the CDO in health care at the recent MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality [CDOIQ] Symposium. Marko, former chief data officer of […]

20 Questions Security Leaders Need To Ask About Analytics

Read Joshua Goldfarb list 20 questions that CIOs and CISOs should ask about analytics on Dark Reading : It would be an understatement to say that the security world tends to be full of hype and noise.  At times, it seems like vendors virtually xerox each other’s marketing materials. Everyone uses the same words, phrases, jargon, […]

Risk Management Best Practices For CISOs

Read Jim Bandanza and Mike D. Kail list best risk management practices for CISOs on Dark Reading : CISOs tend to be extremely risk averse when it comes to managing their security infrastructure and its ongoing assessment. One key reason is that in the past, CISOs were overly focused on being technical experts without developing an […]

Why Chief Information Security Officers Need Their Own Cockpits

Read why Steven Grossman says that the CISO’s should be given a free run in their work place on Security Week : Back in the early “barnstorming” days of aviation, pilots flew their planes by the seat of their pants, with minimal guidance from gauges or navigation aids. Engine trouble was indicated by smoke from […]

What CISOs need to know about securing the Internet of Things (IoT)

Read Dionisio Zumerle’s article about what CISOs should know about Internet of Things (IoT) security on IT Pro Portal : The rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) is hard to ignore: Gartner estimates a compound annual growth rate of 31.7 per cent until the end of the decade. This means that, by 2020, 20.8 […]

Most CISOs and CIOs need better resources to mitigate threats

Despite acute awareness of the millions of dollars in annual costs, and the business risks posed by external internet threats, security leaders highlight the lack of staff expertise and technology as a key reason that these attacks are unchecked, according to results from a new Ponemon Institute study. Read about the new Ponemon Institute study […]