In Cyber, Who Do We Trust to Protect the Business?

Read Peter Gleason take a look at who is responsible for cyber security in an organisation on Dark Reading : The heightened level of attention to the proliferation of cyberattacks has yielded many outcomes, but none more notable than the recognition that responsibility for cyber risks no longer lies solely within the realm of IT. […]

How to get fired in 2017: Have a security breach

There are many reasons why IT professionals can be fired, but six out of the top nine are related to security, said a survey released this morning.For example, having a tech investment that leads to a security breach was considered a fireable offense by 39 percent of organizations, according to Osterman Research, which conducted the […]

UK Government Recommends Cutting CEO Salaries in Case of Cyber Incidents

Last week, the UK government published a report on the state of cyber security in the soon-to-be non-EU member, and one of the recommendations included is that CEOs should have their salaries or bonuses cut when a cyber incident that could have been easily avoided happens nonetheless. Read about the new recommendation by UK government […]

The cyber-security buck should stop with executives, finds survey

VMWare presented new research today on the historically distant relationship between the issue of cyber-security, employees and the board. Read more about the new report by VMWare which reveals that  29 percent of both groups believe that the CEO should be responsible for a significant data breach, and 38 percent of office workers and 22 […]

Data breaches often result in CEO firing

Read why Richard Starnes says that data breaches often result in the firing of CEO on CSO Online What are the real world risks of a cyber security breach to CEOs and their company? We will explore the issues of reputational damage, incident cost, stock price impact, and increased regulatory attention. Read his full article […]

When The Boss Is Your Biggest Security Risk

Early last year, Chesapeake Energy filed a lawsuit contending its former CEO took confidential data, including maps of potential oil and gas drilling sites, and used the information to start a competitive company. Ride-sharing company Lyft filed a complaint in San Francisco Superior Court in late 2014 accusing its former COO of stealing confidential product […]

When Your CEO Won’t Take Security Awareness Training

CEOs are often the busiest people in any organization. As security professionals, we should respect that: but what can we do when our CEO won’t take security awareness training? This is not uncommon but it can be a hard nut for security professionals to crack. We probably don’t top many lists of best for human […]

Embrace and Embody Risk Management

If a CEO wants his organization to realize the opportunity presented by risk management to deliver better decisions and, through them, improved performance, he needs to do more than “walk the talk.” The idea is that not only does a leader have to say the right things and demonstrate desired behavior himself, but he must […]