C-level is holding new tech adoption back, IT execs fear

IT managers in UK organisations believe their senior leaders are intentionally holding back the adoption of new technologies, as they fear that could endanger their position within the company. This is according to a new report by global cloud communications provider 8×8, which surveyed 260 IT managers in UK organisations. Read about the new survey […]

Who has the most impact in driving security advancement?

Read  Kacy Zurkus take a look at the person who has most impact on driving security advancements in a company on CSO Online : Depending on the size of the organization, the person who has the most impact on driving security advancement could be a C-level or board member, but non-executive administrators and sometimes the […]

8 Books Security Pros Should Read

Calling all infosec pros: What are the best books in your security library? On a second thought, let’s take a step back. A better question may be: Do you have a security library at all? If not, why? Security professionals have countless blogs, videos, and podcasts to stay updated on rapidly changing news and trends. Read/see the […]

Communication breakdown: IT security professionals must get better at talking to business

Read Alexander Sword explain why IT security professionals should have better communication with business leaders for better cyber security on Computer Business Review : “I’m having a nervous breakdown”, howled Robert Plant in the 1969 Led Zeppelin hit ‘Communication Breakdown’. Plant may have been singing about a relationship, but the idea of an inability to […]

How HR and IT departments can join forces to bolster security strategies

Read Fortunato Guarino’s article about how HR and IT departments of a company should join forces to fight cyber attacks on IT Pro Portal : The threat of data breaches, and the rising costs of dealing with the aftermath of security incidents, are pushing security strategies to the top of the corporate agenda and boardroom discussions. […]

The Time Is Now To Address The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage In Unique Ways

Read why Jeannette Jarvis says that it is now time to address the cybersecurity skill shortage in unique ways on Dark Reading : Today nearly every aspect of our society depends on the global digital infrastructure. This increasing reliance means that cyberattacks can be hugely disruptive and costly. Preparing for and responding to the rising volume […]

Back to school: How cyber security can learn from academia

Read why Alexander Sword says that cyber security professionals should go back to school and learn from the academia on Computer Business Review : It seems every day that a new report is launched by an IT company promising new insights about the cyber security industry. While some business-produced reports are authoritative and well-researched, some were […]

IT pros don’t use all their annual leave due to work pressure

IT professionals are most likely, out of all working people, not to use their entire annual leave, according to a new Robert Walters Career Lifestyle Survey. This is mostly because they are under pressure to deliver new projects on tight deadlines, and to keep their projects safe from cyber-attacks. Read about the new Robert Walters Career […]

In Information Security, the Only Constant is Change

Read why Joshua Goldfarb says that in information security the only constant is change on Security Week : As the Greek philosopher Heraclitus famously noted, “the only constant is change”. This statement was as accurate 2,500 years ago as it is now. Read his full article here.

New breed of IT professional

Read Patricia Titus take a look at the new breed of IT professional on Federal Times : IT professionals have long operated in isolation. Removed from major business decisions and working behind the scenes, they’ve largely been left alone to address their companies’ technology and security needs. Read her full article here.