Businesses need to think about a public cyber star rating

Read Chris Duckett’s article about why companies need business and its supply chain to stand up to public scrutiny on ZDNet : Too often when a company does a cyber boo-boo, it will get off pretty lightly by issuing a statement saying how seriously it takes security concerns, that no financial data was stolen in the breach, […]

What does the UK’s Data Protection Bill mean for businesses?

The UK recently published the final version of a law to replace its current data security and privacy rules. The Data Protection Bill (DPB) will allow UK businesses to continue doing business with the EU post-Brexit. The DPB should provide a relatively easy transition for businesses gearing up for the forthcoming EU legislation. Read how […]

Latest Phishing Trends Report Reveals 90% of IT Executives Worry Most About Email-Related Threats

PhishMe, the leading provider of human phishing defense solutions, released the results of its US Phishing Response Trends Report, which looked at the phishing response strategies of two hundred senior IT security decision-makers across a variety of industries in the United States. Read about the latest report by PhishMe which reveals that most businesses are […]

Counting down to GDPR: Will your business make it?

Read Nick Ismail take a look at how companies are prepare for the upcoming GDPR regime in European Union on Information Age : Major changes to data and privacy regulation are on their way, but is your business ready? The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is designed to harmonise data protection standards across 28 […]

FTC Updates Data Security Guidance for Businesses

In June, the Federal Trade Commission released a new guide for businesses on implementing sound data security protections and procedures. In “Protecting Personal Information: A Guide For Business,” the FTC offers “10 practical lessons” based on the numerous enforcement actions brought by the FTC. Read about the new data security guidance issued by Federal Trade Commission […]

4 Key Cybersecurity Insurance Cases To Watch

Read Jeff Sistrunk list four key cyber security insurance cases every business should be watching on Law360 : Businesses both large and small are facing an ever-evolving landscape of threats to their cybersecurity, from infiltration by computer hackers to elaborate criminal schemes designed to trick employees into wiring money to overseas bank accounts. Read his […]

Top 5 worst data breaches to hit the UK

If we are honest, the news of a data breach no longer comes with a shock, as they are happening on a more and more regular basis in the UK and globally. In light of this increasing regularity and severity there was a broad selection to choose from when formulating this list of five of the […]

The Sky Is the Limit: Assessing the IoT Impact on Businesses

Read Fran Howarth take a look at the Internet of Things impact on businesses on Security Intelligence : The Internet of Things (IoT), in which all manner of devices and things are connected, is enabling digital transformation in many walks of life. It’s also heralding the promise that we will soon live in hyperefficient smart cities. […]

Cybersecurity Has a Serious Talent Shortage. Here’s How to Fix It

Read Marc van Zadelhoff’s article about how companies can fix the serious talent shortage in cyber security on Harvard Business Review : It’s a refrain I’ve been hearing for the past 18 months from clients all over the world: “We need more skilled people for our security team.” The need is real and well-documented. A report from […]

Why Banks — And Corporates — Still Feel The Heat From The SWIFT Hack

It’s been more than a year since Bangladesh’s central bank was attacked by cybercriminals that took away $81 million by infiltrating the bank’s connection to the SWIFT network. Since then, there have been revelations about similar attacks at FIs across the globe, and the blame game began, with some fingers pointing to the bank’s own […]