Evolving Threat from Botnets, IoT Zombies

Read why Nikhil Taneja says that the Internet of Things botnets are deadliest threat vectors on CXO Today : Today, one of the fastest growing and nefarious bots include those that exploit Internet of Things (IoT) devices as weapons of attack. These bots are rapidly changing the threats landscape. The Mirai attacks in 2016 demonstrated what […]

Armies of hacked IoT devices launch unprecedented DDoS attacks

Security researchers have been warning for years that poor security for internet of things devices could have serious consequences. We’re now seeing those warnings come true, with botnets made up of compromised IoT devices  capable of launching distributed denial-of-service attacks of unprecedented scale. Read how security researchers have found out swarm of Internet of Things […]

Facebook ThreatExchange Platform Latest Hope for Information Sharing

Facebook, with its giant infrastructure and its equally wide view into Internet attacks, has built an information-sharing platform that it hopes will entice other big technology companies to join and contribute threat data and indicators of compromise. The platform, called ThreatExchange, already counts Pinterest, Yahoo, Tumblr, Twitter, Bitly and Dropbox among its early members. The […]

Botnets in 2014: ZeuS surge, lax policies place Web users at risk

As 2014 shuts its doors and security professionals return to their desks for another year, we turn towards 2015 and muse over how the security landscape is likely to change. Botnets to malware evolution, never-ending security patches and the likelihood of new, crippling security breaches within the enterprise are all predictably on the horizon. It […]

Bad actors are using Gmail Drafts to control their bots

Security company Shape Security discovered a new strain of malware which is exploiting Gmail service as a communication channel with control server. Security experts at Shape Security announced to have found a new strain of malware that implements a smart technique to communicate with command and control servers, the commands are hidden in unassuming Gmail […]

The top most effective and scary ‘Zombie’ botnets

An army of the undead, wreaking havoc on the Internet – it’s a nightmare scenario that has played out time and again as the world’s online population has exploded. But time and again protectors of the worldwide web have come together to stop these malicious hordes, yet it has not been easy. There are some […]