‘OMG’: New Mirai Variant Converts IoT Devices into Proxy Servers

Numerous versions of the Mirai IoT bot malware have surfaced since the creators of the original code – one of whom is a former Rutgers University student – first released it in Sept. 2016. The latest iteration of Mirai is dubbed “OMG,” and turns infected IoT devices into proxy servers while also retaining the original […]

A giant botnet is forcing Windows servers to mine cryptocurrency

A massive cyptocurrency mining botnet has taken over half a million machines, and may have made its cybercriminal controllers millions of dollars. The whole operation is powered by EternalBlue, the leaked NSA exploit which made the WannaCry ransomware outbreak so destructive. The Smominru miner botnet turns infected machines into miners of the Monero cryptocurrency and is believed to have […]

Hackers have released the exploit code for Huawei router vulnerability that helped to enable the Satori IoT botnet

Remember the dreaded Satori Internet of Things botnet that helped bring down hundreds of websites last month. For the uninitiated, the Satori Internet of Things (IoT) botnet disrupted the services of hundreds internet service providers (ISPs) earlier this month taking thousands of users offline. The Satori IoT botnet was traced to a vulnerability in Huawei […]

Digital disruptors demand a new approach to IT

Digital disruptors such as algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI), bots and chatbots are already transforming businesses. Gartner expects that algorithmic business will create even greater levels of disruption and new industries. To support the new capabilities and business models of digital and algorithmic business, CIOs must design and deploy their digital business technology platform. Read why […]

Jaku: Analysis of a botnet

In May 2016, the Special Investigations team at Forcepoint revealed the existence of a botnet campaign that is unique in targeting a very small number of individuals while in tandem, herding thousands of victims into general groups. Read Andy Settle from Forcepoint explain what is Jaku botnet and how it works on Help Net Security.

When Did Bots Become A Good Thing?

Read why Adrian Bridgwater  says that bots can also be good on Forbes : Like hacking, bots used to be a largely negative technology term. As hacking evolved into positively charged developer hackathons and web ‘mashup’ hacks, the term shook off much of its malevolent image. Bots have also grown up. Too long they have […]

Hacker Lexicon: Botnets, the Zombie Computer Armies That Earn Hackers Millions

Zombie armies arent just invading movie screens these days. They’re also taking over the Internet in the form of massive botnets. A botnet is an army of computers, all infected with the same malware, that gives a bot herder remote control of these computers in order to surreptitiously commandeer them without their owners’ knowledge. Read […]

Security Slice: Beneficial Botnets?

Symantec recently discovered a new strain of malware, dubbed “Linux.Wifatch,” which has already infected more than 10,000 IoT devices. The malware’s author says Linux.Wifatch is actually beneficial because it removes a malicious backdoor and encourages users to update weak passwords. Do the ends of vigilante-style malware and beneficial botnets like Linux.Wifatch justify the means? Read/hear the […]

The Rise Of Social Media Botnets

Read James C. Foster’s commentary about the social media botnets on Dark Reading : The Internet economy is a fascinating development of our time — whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be an e-commerce marketplace gushing with buyers and sellers. The Internet has done to markets what social networks have done to global interactions: created […]

What happens when a software bot goes on a darknet shopping spree?

Can a robot, or a piece of software, be jailed if it commits a crime? Where does legal culpability lie if code is criminal by design or default? What if a robot buys drugs, weapons, or hacking equipment and has them sent to you, and police intercept the package? These are questions we haven’t had […]