Why Biometric Technology Is Still Not the Absolute Replacement for Passwords

Read why Avinash Pudota says that biometric is not the ultimate technology to replace passwords on Tech Featured : A good security token is the one that distinctively corresponds to you and which nobody could know, guess or copy. This is the reason why security experts suggest us to use long and random passwords for […]

Why mobile two-factor authentication is better than biometrics

Read Craig Mathias explain why two-factor authentication is better than biometrics on Tech Target : Teamed with physical security, integrity management, encryption and authorization, authentication is one of the key elements in any good security strategy. Traditional authentication methods are based on a single element or factor. For example, I can say “my name is Craig.” Yes, […]

California to mull biometric standards in data breach law

A California lawmaker has proposed that a standard be established for businesses to protect personal consumer information including location and biometric data. Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D) wants to revive an old privacy bill, adding new standards for businesses to use reasonable security procedures and practices if they hold or maintain personal information, reports Bloomberg Law. […]

Developing a Security Strategy: Leveraging Biometrics, Video Resolution and Analytics

Read Mark Bonde’s article on how firms could leverage biometrics, video resolution and analytics to provide better physical security to their campus on Campus Security : Over the past decade, the physical security technology landscape has evolved rapidly as the IT industry has developed products with greater computing capability and at lower costs. This has […]

As Biometric Scanning Use Grows, So Does Security Risk

Without you necessarily realizing it, your unique attributes — or “biometrics” — are being used to verify your identity. Every time you unlock your smartphone, use a fingerprint scanner at the airport, or upload a photo with facial recognition to Facebook, your physical attributes are scanned and scrutinized against a template. Read how hackers are managing […]

Security Think Tank: Research biometrics thoroughly before deploying

A year or three ago the thought of using biometric authentication as a general or run of the mill mechanism for authentication was a thing of dreams. It was only to be used for access to the most sensitive areas or systems. Read why experts warn that companies should research biometrics thoroughly before deploying it […]

How Your Voice Is Preventing Hackers From Accessing Financial Information

Read Ellen Chang’s article about how biometrics is the future of authentication on The Street : Companies are combatting sophisticated hackers by utilizing voice biometrics to authenticate customers when they call banks or credit card companies, adding another layer of security to prevent a growing amount of fraud. Read his full article here.

Survey Reveals 52 Percent of Consumers Want Biometrics and Other Modern Authentication Methods Over Traditional Passwords

Gigya, the leader in Customer Identity Management, today validates why “Businesses Should Begin Preparing for the Death of the Password” based on results of its survey of 4,000 consumers in the U.S. and the U.K. From baby boomers to millennials, 52 percent of consumers would choose anything but a traditional username and password account registration […]

Rethinking physical biometrics: what you don’t know can hurt you

Read Ryan Wilk discuss how biometrics is important to physical security on Biometrics Update : Biometrics seems to be all the rage right now. It seems like almost every day another financial institution or other organization is announcing their adoption of some sort of biometric technology. First it was all about fingerprints, then iris prints and voice […]

Biometrics Offers The ‘Perfect Balance’ Of Security And Usability

Read why  Michael Moore says that biometrics offers the perfect balance of security and usability on TechWeek Europe : Biometric technology has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years, aided by some high-profile launches such as Apple’s TouchID system and Windows Hello. The technology is impacting more areas of everyday life, from banking to […]