Biometric Security Comes with Unique Advantages, Concerns

Read Brian Nearing’s article about the pros and cons of biometric security on Govt Tech : This spring, a popular Queensbury amusement park offered its customers a choice — use a membership pass with their photo on it, or switch to a new pass based on a scan of their fingerprint. Read his full article […]

The Rise of Biometric Security and the “Ultra-Hack”

Read Hector Hoyos write about the rise of biometric security on Finance Magnates : Until now, most cyberattacks have been relatively benign. This may seem counterintuitive, as data breaches have cost companies more than $400 billion, embarrassment and credibility – and affected millions of unsuspecting individuals, who spent countless hours correcting the consequences. Read his full […]

Report: Popularity of biometric authentication set to spike

A UK research firm says that the number of applications with built-in biometric authentication capability will spike in the coming years, highlighting not only an increased acceptance of alternative authentication methods, but also the ineffectiveness of password-based authentication. In a newly released report, Hampshire, England-based Juniper Research Ltd. predicts that in 2019, apps with biometric […]