Big Data Applications For Physical Security

Read Jammy DeSousa list Big Data applications that can be used for physical security on Facility Executive : In the world of physical security, now driven so heavily by cutting-edge technology, there is information coming in from a multitude of data points. Read his full article here.

Authentication and IT Ecosystem: Leveraging Data from Multiple Sources

Read  Jason Oeltjen’s article about how companies can leverage data for access management on CSO Online : Your immediate IT ecosystem is just one part of the broader IT ecosystem – and therefore just one source of information that can be used to authenticate identities and grant access to systems. Read his full article here.

Survey: Cyber & cloud will disrupt the security market, but not everyone agrees on the effects

Mid-size Australian electronic security companies are making way for the explosion of the Internet of Things, cloud, mobile and IP security in the next three years as the industry becomes ripe for transformation. Read about the new survey by  Security Exhibition & Conference found that 90% of firms across the access control, building management, CCTV […]

How To Stop Data Breaches From Ruining Your Business

Thanks United-Mail for this great info graphic: Data breaches are in the news all the time. It seems like you can’t go anywhere and swipe your credit card these days without receiving word your information may have been stolen. In typical data breaches where credit card info is stolen customers have a fair amount of […]

Big Data Security

Read Christine Taylor’s article about Big Data security on Datamation : Big data security is a constant concern because Big Data deployments are valuable targets to would-be intruders. A single ransomware attack might leave your big data deployment subject to ransom demands. Even worse, an unauthorized user may gain access to your big data to […]

Why management is key to leveraging the power of big data

Read why  Gary Eastwood says that company management is the key to leveraging the power of big data on CIO : As big data continues to expand, companies are faced with both new opportunities and challenges. Businesses can uncover new insights or strategies with big data, but they have to take care not to be […]

DDoS: A real threat that big data can help combat

Read why Adrian Smolski says that big data can counter the DDoS threat on Computer Weekly : Imagine this: you’re trying to access your preferred news outlet online, but it isn’t available. So you try another one, and another one, then your Facebook account, then Twitter, but nothing is working. Read his full article here.

News Poll: Data analytics has value in the industry

Data analytics and big data are big topics in the industry, coming up at several industry events—but is there value in it? Eighty-nine percent of respondents to Security Systems News’ recent poll say their companies are either using data analytics or considering it as an offering. Read about the new poll held by Security Systems News […]

Data Deduplication: It’s Not Just About Storage Savings Anymore

Read Ron Faith’s article on data deduplication on Virtual Strategy : As data volume grows exponentially, mobile devices proliferate and user device capabilities expand, IT decision-makers face an array of challenges linked to data backup and deduplication. The primary objective of data deduplication used to be the reduction of storage costs, and that remains a […]

TechSec 2017 panel: mining for gold with big data

Companies are starting to look at the data that is already being collected by various access control and video surveillance as an opportunity for additional services or RMR. A panel at TechSec Solutions 2017, held here Feb. 27 and 28, explored where the value is and how or where companies should get started. Read why […]