SunTrust Ex-Employee May Have Stolen Data on 1.5 Million Bank Clients

SunTrust Bank said a former employee may have stolen names, addresses, phone numbers, and account balances of some 1.5 million of its clients. The employee tried to download the client contact information six- to eight weeks ago in an attempt to provide the data to a criminal from outside the organization, Reuters reports. SunTrust CEO […]

Bank web apps are the “most vulnerable” to getting hacked, new research says

Bad news if you’re one of the hundreds of millions of online banking users around the world. The chances are your bank’s website and web apps are horribly insecure. Researchers at security firm Positive Technologies, which has a commercial stake in securing web apps, tested 33 websites and services using its proprietary application inspector, and found […]

Mirai Variant Botnet Takes Aim at Financials

Insikt Group, the threat research group within Recorded Future, has found that a Mirai botnet variant was used to attack a company, or companies, in the financial sector in January. And it might not have been alone; they found that it was possibly linked to the IoTroop or Reaper botnet. Three financial companies were hit by DDoS attacks on Jan. 28: […]

Old banking Trojan TrickBot has been taught new tricks

The TrickBot Trojan has been upgraded with new modules to make detection, and defense, more difficult. First discovered in 2016, TrickBot is a financial Trojan which targets the customers of major banks. The Trojan is most commonly connected to phishing campaigns which trick users into entering their credentials into phishing and fraudulent banking websites, designed to appear […]

North Korea Threat Group Targeting Turkish Financial Orgs

Hidden Cobra, a threat group that the US government has linked to North Korea, appears to have turned its sights on financial institutions in Turkey. Security vendor McAfee reported finding malware associated with the group surfacing on systems belonging to three large financial organizations and at least two major government-controlled entities involved in finance and trade in […]

Banking trojan turns to ‘Dark Cloud’ botnet to spread malware further

A widely-distributed banking trojan has once again been updated with new attack techniques as cyber criminals look to ensure their malware is as effective – and discreet – as possible in efforts to steal banking credentials from customers of various financial institutions. The Gozi ISFB banking trojan is now being distributed with the aid of […]

Mobile banking Trojans spread confusion worldwide

Consumers around the world that use mobile banking apps are at a greater risk of being tricked by cybercriminals and falling victim to mobile banking theft. This is according to new global research from Avast, which asked almost 40,000 consumers in Spain and eleven other countries around the world to compare the authenticity of official and counterfeit banking […]

JPMorgan Chase ‘glitch’ gave some customers access to others’ bank accounts, confidential data

A number of JPMorgan Chase customers’ accounts were exposed after a “glitch” briefly gave some clients access to other people’s online accounts instead of their own. The issue was first reported by Fly & Dine after one of the writers’ fiancé tried logging into their online bank account but instead gained access to the account […]

Russian, Indian banks lose millions to hackers

The Russian central bank’s Financial Sector Computer Emergency Response Team (FinCERT) disclosed on Friday that hackers compromised a computer at a Russian bank and used the SWIFT system to transfer 339.5 million roubles (around $6 million) to accounts they controlled. No details about the heist have been shared, so we don’t know which bank has […]

Financial services firms most adept at making balanced security investments

Cyber attacks cost financial services firms more to address and contain than in any other industry, and the rate of breaches in the industry has tripled over the past five years, according to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute. The report, Cost of Cyber Crime Study, examines the costs that organizations incur when responding to […]