Three Of The Biggest Cyber Security Threats To Australian Business

Read Libby-Jane Charleston explain the top three cyber threats to Australian businesses on Huffington Post : With consumer phishing email at an all-time high and Business Email Compromise (BEC) costing Australian businesses $3.1billion since January 2015, it’s more crucial than ever that people are aware of the ways attackers use to compromise your business. Read her […]

Organisations struggle over which data breaches to confess to under new laws

According to Telstra’s chief privacy officer, Jason Holandsjo, the Australian Information Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim isn’t a reasonable person. But it wasn’t a cheap shot. The two were part of a panel trying to help telecommunications companies unpack the Commonwealth’s new law requiring many Australian organisations to notify the Information Commissioner and affected individuals when certain kinds […]

ESET says Australia’s mandatory breach disclosure doesn’t go far enough

MinterEllison found that 13% of Australian business boards have absolutely no briefing at all on understanding the risks and how to prevent cyber attacks; a telling statistic that complements findings that cyber incidents doubled to more than 40% in the last year. Read why Nick FitzGerald of ESET says that the newly implement Australian mandatory data […]

​How Australia’s ‘Essential Eight’ sets the standard for sensitive data protection and breach notification

Read Christopher Strand explain how the Australia’s new data breach law sets the standard for sensitive data protection and notification on CSO Online : Globally, more and more jurisdictions are releasing mandates that will have a substantial impact on companies regarding breach notification and the protection of sensitive data. One of those cyber security mandates put into […]

New law will force some (but not all) organisations to reveal data breaches

We live in an era of big data stored digitally, and some of that data is about you. For example, the government keeps your social security and tax data, banks keep your financial data and your phone provider stores your metadata. There is probably more of your confidential information in the data storage facilities of various […]

Preparing for Australia’s data breach notification regime

Australia’s Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 marks a milestone for information security legislation, but industry is still questioning the need for legal intervention. Read Peter Tran explain how Australia’s new data breach notification regime will affect businesses on Computer World.

Aussie SMBs lose $6600 for each cyber attack

Norton (a Symantec company) says that despite long and concerted cyber security awareness campaigns, many Australian SMBs are still ill-equipped or unwilling to assess and proactively secure their devices and data to minimise the threats against cyber attacks in an increasingly digital world. Read more about the new report by Norton which reveals that each […]

Practical Data Security Takeaways from Australia’s Recent Privacy Determination

Read Deanna Tyler take a at the recently notified Australian data breach notification law on Lexology : The Privacy Act of 1988 (Privacy Act), which includes the 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), is Australia’s federal law regulating the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. Recently, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has stepped […]

Australia Introduces Mandatory Data Breach Notification Scheme

On 13 February 2017, the Australian Senate passed into law the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016. This law amends the primary privacy and data protection legislation in Australia, Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), to introduce the long-anticipated mandatory data breach notification scheme. Read all about the new mandatory data breach notification scheme implemented in […]

Getting serious about cybersecurity standards

Read Anthony Wong’s article about how the new Australian data breach notification will affect the businesses and how they should get serious about cyber security on The Australian : The passage last week of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 places greater onus on organisations and agencies to provide robust and effective personal […]