ATMs and Endpoint Security

Read Aamir Lakhani explain ATM jackpotting and how to protect against it on SC Magazine : Jackpotting isn’t anything new – but it can teach us valuable lessons about endpoint security. Jackpotting is a method of financial fraud that involves tampering with an ATM so that it spits out money as if the perpetrator has […]

ATM ‘Jackpotting’ Attacks Reveal Deeper Problems

You probably know about ATM jackpotting attack if you are cybersecurity aware person.  For the uninitiated, ATM jackpotting attack involves cybercriminals injecting malware into ATMs to make them spew cash. The jackpotting epidemic started off in Asia, Europe, and Mexico before reaching the shores of United States. ATM jackpotting involves crooks who disguise themselves as technicians […]

What is ATM jackpotting?

ATM “jackpotting” — the installation of malicious software and hardware onto ATMs — has finally hit the U.S. for the first time. ATM jackpotting, also known as “logical attacks,” simply means that cyber thieves physically install malware onto ATMs, giving them control over how much money gets dispensed at any given time. Read more about ATM […]

ATM ‘jackpotting’ makes ATMs spew cash

After spreading havoc in Asia, Europe and Mexico, the ATM vulnerability known as ATM jackpotting has finally reached the shores of the United States. ATM jackpotting involves crooks who disguise themselves as technicians to avoid drawing attention. After that, they hooked up a laptop with a mirror image of the ATM’s operating system and malware. […]

Guarding against ever-present ATM threats

Read Steve Cocheo’s article about ATM threats on Banking Exchange : Willie Sutton never actually uttered that famous line about robbing banks, “because that’s where the money was.” But had he still been around now, as the 50th anniversary of the ATM was marked, he might have said something about cash machines being even handier places […]

Default ATM passcodes still exploited by crooks

Once again, ATMs have been “hacked” by individuals taking advantage of default, factory-set passcodes. This time the passcode hasn’t been guessed, or ended up online for everyone to know because it was printed in the ATM’s service manual – the individual who, with the help of an accomplice, managed to cash out $400,000 in 18 […]