Security advice from expert who weathered Anthem data breach

You might remember the infamous Anthem data breach, which happened in February 2015 and compromised 80 million patient records. It has been dubbed one of the worst healthcare data breaches. Read the security advise from a cyber security expert who weathered Anthem data breach on Tech Target.

Anthem Class Suit Highlights Data Breach Risks

A June 28 article in Bloomberg BNA’s Privacy Law Watch and other publications, “Anthem Class Suit Highlights Data Breach Risks,” reported that Anthem Inc.’s recent $115 million settlement to resolve a 2015 data breach shows that healthcare companies that experience data breaches need to prepare for more than just federal government penalties. Day Pitney healthcare attorney Eric […]

Landmark $115 million settlement reached in Anthem data breach suit, consumers could feel sting

A proposed settlement has been reached in the landmark Anthem data breach case, which saw the personal information of nearly 79 million people stolen and is being referred to as the biggest data breach in history, lawyers involved with the case announced. Read why Anthem Inc consumers could feel the sting of the record $115 […]

Anthem to pay record $115 million to settle U.S. lawsuits over data breach

Anthem Inc, the largest U.S. health insurance company, has agreed to settle litigation over hacking in 2015 that compromised about 79 million people’s personal information for $115 million, which lawyers said would be the largest settlement ever for a data breach. Read about the news of Anthem’s record $115 million data breach settlement on Investing.

Lessons from Anthem: Make Every Employee Part of the Cyber Security Team

By now, many of us in the cyber security world are combing through a litany of materials to analyze the causes, motives and methods of the Anthem data security breach that turned the health insurance conglomerate upside down and affected more than 80 million people. There’s a great deal of talk as to how such […]

Security Slice: Anthem Aftermath

The Anthem health network announced roughly 20 million additional Blue Cross Blue Shield customers’ records may have been exposed by the security incident disclosed in early February. How can healthcare breach victims protect their privacy? Hear the Trip Wire security slice podcast and hear Tim Erlin, Tyler Reguly and Lane Thames discuss three key data […]

A Company’s Data Breach Obligations: The Anthem Example

In early February, Anthem Inc.’s chief executive officer, Joseph Swedish, posted an extraordinary document. It was a detailed letter directed to Anthem members describing a cyberattack that exposed the personal information of approximately 80 million customers and employees, making it, according to The Wall Street Journal, likely the largest data breach disclosed by a health […]

Data breach at Anthem highlights need for ID security

Anyone who isn’t in a high state of alert about safeguarding his or her identity is either in massive denial or is a fatalist. The data breach at Anthem put about 80 million consumers at risk of ID theft, states are seeing a spike in fraudsters using stolen identities to file for income tax refund […]

Anthem hack offers big lessons for business, consumers

Anthem’s massive data breach last month and those at other companies in recent years may have surprised consumers. But the vulnerabilities are no shock to security experts, who say many companies have gathered so much information over the years that it’s difficult for them to know where it’s all stored and to prepare for every […]

Hygiene, Honey Pots, Espionage: 3 Approaches To Defying Hackers

We’re still waiting for details on how the hack against the health care company Anthem occurred. But there’s a classic approach behind many of the cyberattacks that make the news: An employee in the company gets an email with an attachment … opens it … malicious software in the message injects itself into the corporate […]