Google claims Android is now just as secure as iOS

Although the number of Android users have always been on a rise, it has always been thought to be inferior to iOS when it comes to security. But, with features like Google Play Protect built straight into its Play Store and monthly Android security patch updates (if you have the latest smartphone, that is), the […]

The state of Android security: Great on Oreo, but most phones are missing out

Read why says that many Android smartphones are missing out on great security features of Android Oreo on PC World : Google has released its annual report on Android security and the message is clear: The devices running the latest version of Android are among the safest you can buy. Through a combination of features […]

These Android smartphone manufacturers are first to provide the fastest security patches

Google’s Android operating system powers over 2 billion smartphones worldwide. While Google engineers are at the forefront releasing updates and patches for vulnerabilities discovered by security researchers, it is generally found that the end user is left in a hopeless position. Not because of Google but because of smartphone manufacturers who are little careless about […]

Android P in depth: An up-close look at what’s new with security

Read JR Raphael take a look at the new security features in the upcoming Android P operating system that is going to power a billion smartphones on Computer World : Google is slowly pulling back the curtains on its next-gen Android P release. Yesterday, we got our first glimpse at a work-in-progress, developer-focused preview of the […]

Samsung Galaxy A3, J1, and J3 2016 models will no longer get security updates

Samsung has a varied treatment for its different lineup of mobile devices: flagship phones get three years of software support, while budget and mid-range offerings get two. That means the 2016 models of the Galaxy A3, Galaxy J1, and Galaxy J3, will no longer receive Android security updates from Samsung this year. The South Korean […]

Several Android smartphones infected with Triada is a data-stealing malware out of the box

Getting infected by a malware after clicking a phishing link or visiting a malware-laden spurious website is common nowadays and completely avoidable. But what do you do when your Android smartphone arrives from the shop pre-loaded with malware. Yes, out of the box malware! There are more than 2 billion Android smartphones in the world, […]

Sophisticated RedDrop Malware Targets Android Phones

A sophisticated strain of mobile malware targeting Android devices can extract sensitive data and audio recordings, run up premium SMS charges and then tries to extort money from victims. According to security firm Wandera the malware, dubbed RedDrop, is being distributed inside 53 Android applications promoted on third-party app stores. Apps range from image editors, […]

New Google’s Android P Operating System Will Prevent Background Apps Secretly Accessing Your Camera

The camera of your Android smartphone has often been a vulnerable target for hackers and cybercriminals. Google has taken note of the serious threat of Apps accessing the camera without user’s knowledge and fixed this issue. The latest version of Android OS, Android P will not let any background App access the camera. Android P […]

10 Best Android Cleaner Apps For 2018 Boost performance, Clean Junk Files And Improve Battery Life

Over a billion people use Android smartphones and the single most irritating thing about Android is that it gets slow over the months and years of use. This is mainly due to cache files which fill the memory space. The other issue is battery life. It is necessary to clean your Android smartphone from time […]