Infosec Pros: AI Could Soon Be Used Against Us

A majority of information security professionals believe that artificial intelligence (AI) technology will be used in attacks against them in the next 12 months, according to new research from Cylance. Read more about the new study by Cylance which reveals that  62% of the Black Hat 2017 attendees believe there’s a high possibility that AI […]

Leveraging AI To Maximize Cybersecurity ROI

Read Gil Press’ article about how companies can leverage artificial intelligence to maximise their cyber defenses on Forbes : The cost of cybersecurity is proportional to the square of the number of products required for adequate defense. This Cyber Law (you read it here first) means that the proliferation of types of cyberattacks and attackers […]

Can Artificial Intelligence & Robots fight the Cybercrime Epidemic?

Read why Alexandra expects artificial intelligence and robots to play a significant part in cyber security on Chip In : As digital technology relentlessly disrupts and sculpts the global landscape it exposes organisations to opportunities and threats. All evolution comes with challenges and the dark world of cybercrime continues to thrive and is this year’s […]

Artificial intelligence is giving healthcare cybersecurity programs a boost

Read Bill Siwicki’s article about how healthcare companies are using artificial intelligence to boost their cyber security programs on Healthcare IT News : Artificial intelligence is being used in a variety of ways in the healthcare industry, and one area where it is proving to be an effective asset is cybersecurity. Healthcare CIOs and CISOs […]

Machine Learning Is The Key To Tackling Rising Cyber Security Threats

Machine leaning and artificial intelligence (AI) look set to have a major part to play in the world of cyber security, as threats become more complex and pervasive. At the Silicon stand at Infosecurity 2017, Dr Giovanni Vigna, co-founder and chief technology officer of machine leaning-centric cyber security firm Lastline, discussed how the use of smart […]

57% of executives trust AI security systems ‘as much or more than’ humans

Enterprises are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to fight a growing cyber threat landscape, according to the 2017 Executive Application & Network Security Survey from security firm Radware. Read about the new report called  2017 Executive Application & Network Security Survey by Radware which reveals that nearly half the executives surveyed trust AI security systems […]

Impact of AI on the UK job market divides opinion

IT decision makers are divided about the impact of disruptive technologies such as AI and automation – the so called ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ – on the labour market, according to new research from BT. Read about the new research by BT which reveals that businesses in United Kingdom disagree over whether Artificial Intelligence will create or […]

Machine learning in cybersecurity moves needle, doesn’t negate threats

Read why Mary K. Pratt says that machine learning wont negate all cyber security threats on Tech Target : Like all diligent CIOs, Will Bailey wanted to be sure that he had solid defenses against the threats lurking out in cyberspace. But Bailey, the IT director at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, saw some potential […]

Cyber threats are growing more serious, and artificial intelligence could be the key to security

In a constantly evolving digital threat landscape, where firewalls and antiviruses are considered tools of antiquity, companies are looking to more technologically advanced means of protecting crucial data. Read why  U.K.-based Darktrace says that artificial intelligence could be the key to cyber security on CNBC.

Extreme Makeover: AI & Network Cybersecurity

Read Derek Manky article about how artificial intelligence can help network cyber security on Dark Reading : Security strategies need to undergo a radical evolution. Tomorrow’s security devices will need to see and interoperate with each other to recognize changes in the networked environment, anticipate new risks and automatically update and enforce policies. Read his full […]