Improve Healthcare Authentication with New NIST Guide

NIST recently released updated digital identity guidelines for federal agencies looking to create a secure authentication process. While not designed for healthcare authentication specifically, the guidelines could help the industry ensure a more secure password process. Read about the newly updated digital identity guidelines for healthcare firms by NIST on Health IT Security.

Four types of security entrance for solutions that truly fulfill security goals

Read Greg Schreiber four types of security entrance solutions for access management on Source Security : Security and systems integrators across the nation are recommending and providing long-term security solutions to their customers. But when it comes to physical security entrances, integrators can easily fall into the trap of simply fulfilling an end user’s exact request […]

Hackers Say Privileged User Credentials Favorite Way to Get Your Data

One third of hackers said that a privileged access account is the easiest way to steal your data, according to a survey conducted by Thycotic at this year’s Black Hat conference. I’m surprised it was only a third of hackers who said this, considering that once you have someone’s credentials, you pretty much have the […]

Authentication and IT Ecosystem: Leveraging Data from Multiple Sources

Read  Jason Oeltjen’s article about how companies can leverage data for access management on CSO Online : Your immediate IT ecosystem is just one part of the broader IT ecosystem – and therefore just one source of information that can be used to authenticate identities and grant access to systems. Read his full article here.

Shoring up security in enterprise AV

Kieran Walsh, senior technical solutions manager at Audinate outlines the top vulnerabilities in today’s enterprise AV systems. The top vulnerabilities in an AV system are very similar in a lot of ways to any other system (IT or otherwise). A general concept of security is “Access, Authentication and Auditing.”+ Read Kieran Walsh of Audinate explain the top […]

5 Reasons to Invest in a Security System for Your Business

Read Dan Scalco list five reasons that every company should invest in a security system on Huffington Post : When it comes to the physical security of their company, many business owners take the approach of sticking their head in the sand. Read his full article here.

Biometrics: Moving Far Beyond Fingerprints

Security used to mean “difficult,” says Phil Dunkelberger, CEO of Nok Nok Labs. It’s easy to see why he thinks this. Organizations have struggled for decades to find security tools that kept out bad guys while admitting authorized persons. This is both a physical security and cybersecurity issue. Read/see the slideshow explaining how Biometrics is […]

Identity management the new ‘perimeter’ for hospital cybersecurity

Read Bill Siwicki’s article about how identity management is the new perimeter for hospital cyber security on Healthcare IT News : Protecting a hospital network’s perimeter used to be the guiding principle for security professionals, but today they must focus more on managing the identities of every user, said John Houston, vice president of information security […]

Securing the Digital Economy With Federated Identity Management

Read Marko Tmusic’s article about how to secure businesses with federated identity management system on Security Intelligence : As the global digital economy grows, the number of digital identities rises, and so does the need to protect and manage how personal information is collected, used and distributed. Managing digital identities is key in the online world […]

What is the Cost of Doing Nothing?

Hospitals and clinics face regular threats to people and property from both outside and inside forces. Physical assaults, infant abductions, theft of medical supplies, drugs, or confidential patient information are all issues with which today’s healthcare security professionals must contend. Read why doing nothing to solve physical identity and access management challenges is an easy […]