Cyber security tech to expect in 2018

Read Chris Albert list the cyber security trends which businesses can expect in 2018 on IT Pro Portal : With the Equifax breach, state-sponsored attacks, Russian manipulation of social media, Wannacry, and more phishing scams that happened in 2017, what will this year bring as far as cyber-attacks are concerned? Data hacks will be on […]

In 2018, IoT will move beyond experimentation

The term IoT can be confusing, and depending on who you talk to they might choose to focus on one element like connectivity or another. At Forrester we believe IoT extends beyond devices and connectivity. Read Forrester’s predictions for Internet of Things for 2018 on ZDNet.

Forrester predicts what’s next for IoT

What’s in store for the Internet of Things (IoT) in 2018? That’s the question on many people’s minds in the fast-growing IoT industry. One set of answers can be found in a new report from Forrester, called Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To Business Scale. Read about the Forrester’s Predictions 2018: IoT Moves From Experimentation To […]

ECRI: Healthcare Ransomware, Cybersecurity Threats Top Concerns

Healthcare organizations need to understand the potential safety issues that come with medical devices and systems, according to the ECRI Institute. Healthcare ransomware threats, medical device networking flaws, and other cybersecurity threats are just some of the possible threats noted on ECRI’s latest list of health technology hazards. Read about the ECRI’s latest 2018 top 10 […]

No. 1 Patient Safety Threat? Ransomware, Cyberattacks

While dirty hospital mattresses and the failure to properly disinfect medical gear are among top safety risks posed to patients, ransomware and other cyberattacks will pose even bigger threats to patients in 2018, according to the ECRI Institute. Read about the new report by ECRI Institute which says that ransomware and cyber attacks will pose […]

Forrester’s top 6 cybersecurity predictions for 2018

The year 2018 will bring more connectivity, digital transformation initiatives, and data to companies, along with a number of new cybersecurity threats and landscape changes, according to a new report from Forrester Research. Read more about the new report by Forrester Research which lists top 6 cyber security predictions for 2018 on Tech Republic.

2018 could see more ransomware attacks than ever before

Ransomware has been one of the most potent threats to affect the world in 2017, and next year could bring even more danger for companies and consumers alike, new research has claimed. Read about the new report by SophosLabs titled 2018 Malware Forecast which predicts that the threat of ransomware is only set to continue throughout […]

Cybersecurity threats pose biggest healthcare hazard, ECRI reports

Malware attacks in healthcare can put patient safety at risk, shutting off access to records, taking down medical devices and interrupting supply chains, according to a new report from the ECRI Institute that puts ransomware and cybersecurity threats at the top of its technology hazards list for 2018. Read about the new report by ECRI […]

Latest Small Business Trends Magazine Gives You the Facts on Cyber Security

By now, you know that your small business faces a real threat of being hacked. Hackers are targeting small businesses more and more because they believe they may be more vulnerable — generally. But even if hackers were able to penetrate your cyber defenses, what damage could they really do to your company? Download the cyber […]

What are healthcare executives’ top 10 challenges for 2018?

Read Erin Dietsche list the top 10 challenges for healthcare firms in 2018 on Medcity News : As with every industry, healthcare is changing from year to year. And with each new year comes a new set of tests and trials. The HealthCare Executive Group has released the 2018 HCEG Top 10 list, a compilation of the […]