Data Breaches in 2017: No Relief in Sight

Read why Robert D. Chesler and Marc D. Schein say that there will be no relief in data breaches in 2017 on CU Times : The Ponemon 2016 Cost of Breach Study underscores the need for companies to take all necessary measures to combat the scourge of data breaches. These include the establishment of a chief […]

Here’s What to Expect at RSA 2017

Read Robert Hackett’s article about what we can expect from RSA 2017 conference on Fortune : I will be attending the RSA conference in San Francisco this upcoming week, along with my Fortune colleagues Jeff John Roberts and Jonathan Vanian. The security event, which started as a colloquy for cryptographers in 1991, has since mushroomed into a […]

Cyber security predictions for 2017: Increased awareness, new threats

In the world of cyber security, 2016 was a banner year––and not in a good way. From the Bank of Bangladesh/SWIFT heist in February to the Dyn DDoS attack a few weeks ago, the year’s wild attacks have one thing in common: they were proof that hacker innovation is on a growth trajectory. Read about […]

6 Challenges CISOs Will Face in 2017

Read Chris Hodson’s article about the top six challenges for CISO’s in 2017 on Zscaler Blog : We all know that the role of the CISO is changing; we’re expected to have a professional toolkit of astute business leader, technical guru and possess a Ph.D. in Powerpoint. What is less well documented are the pain […]

ESET Trends for 2017: Holding security ransom

In between dreams, you hear the alarm on your mobile phone ring. You open your eyes and turn it off from your smartwatch. Your Smart TV welcomes you with the daily news and you look for the weather forecast: it is a freezing winter’s morning. Your car is waiting outside, just like any other day, […]

How To Make 2017 The Year Of IoT Security

Read William H. Saito’s article about how to make 2017 the year of Internet of Things security on Forbes : People who make Internet of Things (IoT) devices still aren’t getting the message on security. And as these devices proliferate, the danger of increased attacks is getting more real. Late last year, popular internet services such as […]

What’s In Store For Global Cyber Security In 2017

2016 was a particularly eventful year in the cyber threat landscape. Nation-state operations played large in the US presidential election, database breaches grew ever larger and cybercriminal tactics more innovative. Individual activists and mass-participation campaigns continued to target companies and organizations for ideological reasons. Read Luca Berni take a look at what is store for global […]

Physical security, access control and surveillance moving into 2017

Read Tim Compston’s article about how physical security, access control and surveillance will pan out in 2017 on Security News Desk : On the subject of camera innovations which are making their mark, Jeff Whitney, VP Marketing at Arecont Vision, explains how the US-based business was very much an industry trailblazer when it introduced the […]

AI can give wings to your business and cybersecurity in 2017

Read how artificial intelligence can provide boost to any organisations cyber security efforts in 2017 on eHacking News : Artificial intelligence has been a debatable trending topic in 2016. While some praised the technology as useful from military campaign strategy to predictive analysis, others believed on its reliance as a fraught with danger. Its effect […]

IT pros reveal biggest security threats and priorities

Security company Gemalto recently surveyed enterprise IT professionals about authentication and identity management issues – and the results could be useful for small businesses interested in understanding what’s happening at the coalface of enterprise security. Read about the top cyber security threats to businesses according to IT professionals on Bit.