6+ billion records exposed in data breaches in first half of 2017

There have been 2,227 publicly disclosed data compromise events since the beginning of the year through June 30th, according to Risk Based Security. Read about the new report by Risk Based Security which reveals that already more than six billion records were exposed in data breaches in the first half of 2017 on Help Net […]

Corporate Cyber Risk Disclosures Jump Dramatically in 2017

More public companies described “cybersecurity” as a risk in their financial disclosures in the first half of 2017 than in all of 2016, suggesting that board and C-suite fears over data breaches may be escalating. Read about the Bloomberg analysis which found that  436 companies cited “cybersecurity” as a risk factor in their Securities and Exchange […]

Report: The top 5 cybersecurity threats of 2017

As large-scale cybersecurity attacks continue to proliferate in the enterprise, attackers are broadening their approach in order to strengthen their impact. A Tuesday report from Accenture Security outlined new methods that hackers are using to gain access, steal data, and make money. Read about the new report by Accenture Security which lists top five cyber […]

In 2017, the pressure is on to be secure. Are you feeling the squeeze?

Read why David Braue says that cyber security executives are expected to be under pressure on CSO. Recent research into the pressures on security executives has confirmed what will be obvious to anybody who works in the cybersecurity field: good security is hard. Very hard. Read his full article here.

Analysis: Top Health Data Breaches So Far in 2017

With the exception of one large theft incident involving an insider, hacker attacks – including some involving ransomware – remain the leading culprits in the biggest health data breaches reported so far this year to federal regulators. Read the analysis of the top healthcare data breaches in 2017 on Government Info Technology.

Expect an increase in ransomware and DDoS attack combos in 2017

“Follow the money” is a popular catchphrase attributed to the 1976 movie All The President’s Men suggesting a money trail or corruption scheme within high (often political) office. Cybercriminal actors are certainly following the advice. Read why retailers should expect an increase in ransomware and DDoS attacks in 2017 on Enterprise Innovation.

Symantec’s Internet Security Threats 2017 – it’s scary down the rabbit hole

Cyberspace became a much more dangerous place in 2016 as internet security threats mushroomed. Cyber criminals and state-sponsored saboteurs pursued aggressive capers that included multi-million dollar virtual bank heists, some of the biggest distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on record. and an overt attempt to disrupt the U.S. electoral process. Read about the new  […]

Five of the biggest trends in IoT this year

2016 was the year that IoT went mainstream. Connected devices are no longer the stuff of industry expert conversations or surprising national news stories; consumers have begun to welcome them into their homes in the form of devices like Amazon’s Alexa. Read about the five biggest trends in Internet of Things for 2017 on Tech Target.

Cybersecurity is one of the top risks organizations must manage in 2017

Read why  David Adler says that cyber security remains one of the top risks for organisations in 2017 on CIO : Cybersecurity and privacy continue to make headlines. Experts have more questions than answers addressing risk management concerns in the evolving cybersecurity market. Read his full article here.

SMB Security Trends for 2017

The Channel Company recently carried out a study to understand the security outlook of mid-market companies. Presented and discussed at the XChange Solution Provider 2017 event’s Security University, it states that investments in cloud, secure networks, data security, endpoint etc. are bound to grow. Read the small and medium business cyber security trends for 2017 […]