Source Defense says it has a fix for the one vulnerability that can compromise almost any website

While most of today’s banks and e-commerce sites have their front doors locked, there’s a side door that many still leave open: connections to third party scripts. ZDNet caught up with Hadar Blutrich, CEO of Israeli startup Source Defense, to hear about the solution that his team has cooked up to take control of these scripts.

Blutrich told ZDNet, “While creating Source Defense, we found out that almost any website in the world can be hacked using the third party scripts on the page. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bank, or if it’s an e-commerce [site], or any other type of website. We were able to demonstrate that when we are hacking one of the third parties, we are able to get full accessibility to the page, change the page, add information to the page, and get any information back, including user credentials, including manipulating the [buyer’s] order to buy… “More than 4,000 different websites, government websites were compromised last month because of an attack to a third party that helped people with disabilities to access the websites.”

Read more about the new solution by the Israeli startup to secure against vulnerabilities from third party plugins and improve page load speeds at the same time on ZDNet.

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