Security reality check: The real threat is closer to home

Organizations and governments often underestimate insider threats and the damage they can do.

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Cognitio’s Take: One of the biggest organizational risks to mitigate are trusted individuals with authorized access to, or knowledge of, sensitive data or business operations. These individuals can potentially wittingly or unwittingly damage your business. Mitigating this risk is further complicated as organizations increasingly adopt new business support technologies.  This article briefly mentions training, technology, and policy as a few ideas for approaching insider threat risk. However, organizations that seek to comprehensively identify and understand this type of risk in their operating space, and then formulate a tailored, strategic mitigation plan will be better postured to mitigate the impacts of an insider incident to their operations. 

To learn more about taking a strategic approach to mitigating your organization’s unique insider threat risk, contact Cognitio Corp for an overview of the Insider360 framework.

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