Security platform or best of breed? There’s only one answer

In the debate over an all-in-one cyber security platform versus best of breed solutions, there’s only one answer: best of breed. The questions are: How many tools can you afford, and is the software in your stack designed for security?

Traditionally, best of breed means buying multiple security programs, each a separate tool that’s best at the individual problem it solves. For example, you might use Forum Systems to secure your API gateway, Splunk for log correlation, and Okta to manage who accesses what data when. Each vendor brings something different to your stack, leaving IT to piece the platforms together like a Jenga tower, hoping there are no holes in the plan to keep company data safe.

The alternative to best of breed is to buy or build an inclusive, all-in-one platform, but no single software, whether you call it all-in-one or not, can really keep all company data safe. Why? Culture and money.

Read how limited resources and the software as a service (SaaS) sales culture force security professionals into a best of breed strategy for infrastructure on CSO.

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