Is Security Accelerating Your Business?

There’s a fundamental push and pull between business and security that has introduced friction over the years. With data breaches commonplace, security requirements have continued to grow in scope and, in many cases, have slowed the ability of businesses to release to market faster. Business leaders often view security as a necessity in a world of frequent data breaches, and they have learned to (or are forced to) tolerate an ever-growing list of security requirements. But why is the validation and vetting of security requirements so slow, and does it have to be?

According to Ameesh Divatia, Co-Founder & CEO of Baffle, there are a number of best practices and solutions that you can embrace to accelerate security and your business.

Read Ameesh Divatia’s fundamental recommendation around DevOps as well as some approaches that have the potential to revolutionize application and data security while speeding things up at the same time, on DarkReading.

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