Phishing Via Social Media Up 100 Percent, Now A Preferred Vector

The most interesting trend to surface in Q4 of RiskIQ’s phishing report was a 100 percent increase in phishing campaigns leveraging social media platforms, accounting for 20 percent of the top 10 most phished brands. Phishing actors are always innovating and creating new methods to lure victims into gaining access to their financial information, PII, and user accounts. Understanding the latest phishing techniques and threat actor tendencies can help organizations to stay one step ahead of phishing threats targeting them.

RiskIQ processes huge volumes of web-related threat data, including data on phishing incidents. From these various sources, it receives URLs which might be indicative of phishing. The URLs are processed through crawling infrastructure and fed through machine-learning technology to classify each detected phishing page appropriately. Within this group of phishing pages, there are those used for highly targeted phishing attacks, also known as ‘spear phishing,’ as well as phishing pages used for widespread ‘generic’ phishing. This information is summarized by RiskIQ every quarter to create a quarterly phishing roundup, tracking the evolving tactics of phishing campaigns.

Read more about the findings of Q4 of RiskIQ’s phishing report on Information Security Buzz.

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