Improve Healthcare Authentication with New NIST Guide

NIST recently released updated digital identity guidelines for federal agencies looking to create a secure authentication process. While not designed for healthcare authentication specifically, the guidelines could help the industry ensure a more secure password process. Read about the newly updated digital identity guidelines for healthcare firms by NIST on Health IT Security.

Secure first, then connect: The future of IoT security

Read why Seokwoo Gregory Lee says that companies should security Internet of Things first on IT Pro Portal : In January, my company exhibited at “Automotive World 2017,” a three-day expo in Tokyo, Japan dedicated to the latest in automotive technology. Looking through the expo arena, it was clear that cars have evolved and are continuing […]

It’s 2017: Do You Know Where Your Telecommuting Security Policy Is?

The idea of working remotely is nothing new — businesses have increasingly allowed employees to telecommute over the last two decades, with some companies even going so far as to hire entire teams of remote workers. Read why having a telecommuting security policy is a good strategy to fight cyber attacks on Information Security Buzz.

Cybersecurity is a big issue for the healthcare industry

Read why Thomas Russell says that healthcare industry still lags behind in cyber security on Colorado Springs Independent : Our healthcare industry is woefully behind the financial and government industries when it comes to protecting data from intruders. Budgeting, recruiting cyber security professionals, a lack of understanding, and awareness and training in modern cybersecurity risks are […]

Phishing is the top threat faced by organizations

Both users and their endpoint devices are the primary target for cyber criminals with phishing being the most prevalent threat according to a new report. The study from research and education specialist the SANS Institute finds security professionals rate phishing at 72 percent, spyware at 50 percent, ransomware at 49 percent, and Trojans at 47 percent […]

Many organizations still stymied by global privacy and security rules

While companies generally are aware of and intimidated by global privacy and data security regulations, many fail to properly understand and address necessary organizational changes to comply, according to a recent study by Experian Data Breach Resolution and Ponemon Institute. Read about the new study by Experian Data Breach Resolution and Ponemon Institute which reveals that […]

Combating Computer Viruses and Hackers: Keeping Your Self-Storage Data Safe

Read Amy Campbell’s article about how to keep data safe from hackers and comptuer viruses on Inside Self Storage : This morning I opened my e-mail to find yet another note from our IT department about a phishing e-mail. One thing that was different about this scam from previous ones is that it was addressed […]

Retailers Fear Data Breaches — Here’s How They Can Guard Against Them

Read Phil Goldstein’s article about how retailers can take guard against data breaches on Biz Tech Magazine : It almost seems like data breaches at retailers are inevitable. Several retailers have suffered high-profile data breaches so far in 2017, including Arby’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Brooks Brothers and Kmart. While U.S. retailers report fewer breaches this […]

How to Prepare for New Data Regulations in Europe (Perspective)

Read Laura Fischer’s perspective about the upcoming GDPR regulations in European Union on Bloomberg Law : A surprising 80 percent of international IT professionals say they know little to nothing about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), according to a Dell survey. And a staggering 97 percent said their organizations do not have a plan […]

3 ways developers can improve IoT security on their devices

Read Majid Ahmed list three tips for developers to incorporate cyber security in Internet of Things devices on Network World : The much-beloved Internet of Things has come to fundamentally reshape how firms in virtually every industry operate. Nonetheless, the 21st century phenomenon that’s connected us all has some significant downsides, chief among them its vulnerability to […]