A record number of Americans are avoiding crowds due to terrorism fears

Terrorism is driving Americans out of the public square in record numbers. A new Gallup poll reveals that 38 percent of Americans are less willing to attend large events because of concerns over terrorist attacks. That represents an increase of 11 points in the span of 6 years and the highest percentage ever recorded for […]

Number of displaced persons hits records, jeopardizing global security

A record number of displaced persons are seeking refuge from violence and political instability, and that doesn’t bode well for international peace and security. Global conflicts displaced more than 65 million people in 2016 alone, according to the Global Trends report, published by UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency. Refugees from South Sudan exceeded half […]

Security experts assess the terror threat in Europe

Terrorism won’t be disappearing any time soon, say European security experts. Brussels security consultant and former French agent Claude Moniquet also said that while further attacks are inevitable, most of them will be perpetrated by ‘amateurs’ who inflict only minor harm. That is, perhaps, one reason Belgium’s Crisis Centre has refused to raise the country […]

Alert Issued for Potential Cyber Attacks on Media, Aerospace, and Finance Sectors

Digital opportunism is playing an unprecedented role in the state-sponsored global virtual battlefront for financial and political gain.  During the last year, we saw an increase in politically-motivated state-sponsored cyber attacks. If our adversaries are using cyber means as part of a multifaceted campaign for political influence, then they will likely seek to leverage cyber […]

Google’s 4-step plan to counter terrorist-related content

Google’s plan to counter online terrorist propaganda and recruitment includes cutting-edge tools like AI software that can identify terrorist-related content and Jigsaw, a system that re-directs terrorist-related searches to anti-terrorist content. The tech giant is also pouring more resources into traditional strategies, such as its Trusted Flagger program. Read more about Google’s plan to tackle […]

Survey: Anxiety over global security spikes among Americans

Americans are increasingly worried about security, namely about terrorism, war, cyberattacks, and identify theft. According to a Unisys index survey of more than 13,000 people in 13 countries, perceptions of vulnerability have spiked all over the world, but particularly in America, which now faces the same level of anxiety as Colombia while exceeding Britain and […]

Global security steps up, and so must defense suppliers

Read Steve Wadey, CEO of British Defense supplier QinetiQ, on the need to revamp business models: The world is becoming a more demanding place and we either sit back or work to get out there. The competition and sophistication levels in international markets are really high. Customers are demanding even more than a decade ago. […]

5 Steps for Financial Industry to Prevent Cyber Attacks

Large-scale cyber breaches have become a common occurrence in the finance industry, such as the May 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack that infected hundreds of thousands of computers globally. Financial institutions’ data is a huge target for cyber criminals and motivation for targeting such data has evolved from money making schemes to theft of sensitive information […]

Can analysts predict the next terror attack?

Analysts spend a great deal of time trying to determine whether the next attack will come in the form of a nuclear explosion, a bioterror incident, a cyberattack on critical infrastructure, or an electromagnetic pulse. One method for predicting the future is extrapolation—looking at trends to gauge the future—a strategy that often falls short. Another […]

Resorts World Manila hires global security experts to review protocols

Any time a breach occurs, the first step is to assess what wrong wrong. That’s what Resorts World Manila (RWM) is doing after a troubled gambler launched an attack on June 2. The casino hopes a team of international security experts can help them renew consumer confidence by reviewing safety protocols, tightening security practices, and […]