How to Talk to the C-Suite about Malware Trends

Read Raj Rajamani article about how the CISOs and CSOs can apprise C-Suite and company boards about the malware threats on Dark Reading : WannaCry scared the world with its massive disruption. NotPetya reminded everyone why they can’t forget about exploits after the first time they are used. Mirai irritated consumers for a full day […]

Tame the Data Monster with a Prioritized Threat List

Read why Shon Ramey says that data protection should be the top priority for any company on JD Supra : Information is the lifeblood of the modern corporation, but it can also be its Achilles heel. Terabytes of business critical data can turn into potentially incriminating evidence when scattered across thousands of connected devices. Read […]

Preparation key to mitigating cybersecurity threats: CSA

More than half of registered firms have faced some sort of cyber incident in the past year, according to a survey conducted by the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA). Read about the new report published by Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) which reveals that out of 649 registered firm, more than 50 percent had experienced a cybersecurity incident […]

Why educating employees about cyber security isn’t the solution to stopping cyber breaches

Read Leonardo Cooper’s article about why educating employees about cyber security isn’t the solution to stopping cyber breaches on IT Pro Portal : Cyber security training firms continue to stress the importance of educating employees in order to minimise the risk of cyber threats. ‘Staff’, they argue, ‘are both your company’s greatest asset and your biggest […]

Cooperation vital to securing internet of things, says Europol

Cooperation across different sectors and among different stakeholders is key to securing the internet of things (IoT) a meeting of stakeholders has concluded. Read about the conference hosted by Europol and EU cyber security agency Enisa in which experts concluded that threat cooperation was vital to mitigate the cyber security risks posed by internet-connected devices […]

How AI can help you stay ahead of cybersecurity threats

Read Maria Korolov’s article about how artificial intelligence can help companies stay ahead of cyber security threats on CSO Online : Since the 2013 Target breach, it’s been clear that companies need to respond better to security alerts even as volumes have gone up. With this year’s fast-spreading ransomware attacks and ever-tightening compliance requirements, response […]

Cybersecurity Best Practices for Small Businesses

Read Jackie Zimmermann’s article on cyber security best practices for small and medium businesses on Nerd Wallet : The impact of the Equifax data breach that compromised the personal data of over 145 million individuals has left many confused, frustrated and downright angry. And while massive attacks on large corporations make headlines, small businesses have just as […]

Google Advanced Protection Aims To Safeguard Those Most At Risk From Targeted Attacks

Google has announced a new program for those who are most vulnerable to targeted attacks on via its services. Google says that the Advanced Protection Program is aimed directly at journalists, business leaders, and political campaign teams. Read about the Google’s Advanced Protection which aims to protect those who are most at risk from targeted cyber […]

What does the UK’s Data Protection Bill mean for businesses?

The UK recently published the final version of a law to replace its current data security and privacy rules. The Data Protection Bill (DPB) will allow UK businesses to continue doing business with the EU post-Brexit. The DPB should provide a relatively easy transition for businesses gearing up for the forthcoming EU legislation. Read how […]

How can Financial Institutions use Regulations to Drive more Robust Security?

Read Paul Ferris article about how financial sector and banks can use regulatory compliance for more robust cyber security on Internernational Banker : ATM crime will always exist in one form or another. The European Association for Secure Transactions (EAST) found that in 2016 transaction reversal fraud was up 147% compared to 2015, highlighting how certain […]