Integrating security management into broader building systems

Read  Gert Rohrmann’s article about integrating security management into broader building systems on Source Security : Security solutions should be about integration not isolation. Many organisations are considering their existing processes and systems and looking at how to leverage further value. Security is part of that focus and is a central component in the move […]

Credit monitoring services can mitigate effect of data breach, says expert

Read Philip Kemp’s article about how credit monitoring services can mitigate the effect of a data breach on Out-Law : Providing credit monitoring services can help reduce the reputational damage that businesses can suffer when customer data is compromised in a cyber attack, and it has also been shown to help reduce the level of fine […]

New Mandatory Data Breach Laws for Australia – what does it mean to organisations trading in Australia?

Read Mark Vincent explain the new Australian data breach notification law and what it means to companies having businesses in Australia on Lexology : A data breach arises where there has been unauthorised access to, or unauthorised disclosure of, personal information about one or more individuals, or where such information is lost in circumstances that are […]

Mitigating the Increasing Risks of an Insecure Internet of Things

Read Nick Feamster’s article about how companies can mitigate the risks of insecure Internet of Things on Freedom To Tinker : The emergence and proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices on industrial, enterprise, and home networks brings with it unprecedented risk. The potential magnitude of this risk was made concrete in October 2016, when […]

What You Need to Know About Yahoo’s Latest Data Breach

Digital Defense is a live webcast featuring Bloomberg Technology cybercrimes reporter Jordan Robertson. This week, we’ll discuss a possible third breach at Yahoo and how users can protect their accounts. Jordan will take questions from the audience. Watch every Thursday on, Facebook and YouTube. Read/see what you need to know about the third Yahoo […]

Think layers of security – start with the physical

As security vendors predict more focused and personalised cyber attacks in 2017, companies should consider multiple layers of security to protect their companies. Read why Inus Dreckmeyr of Netshield South Africa says that in matters of cyber security, companies should consider multiple layers of security starting with physical security on ITWeb.

When it comes to cyber security businesses must follow government’s lead

Read why Nick Ismail says that businesses should follow government’s lead in the matters of cyber security on Information Age : The National Cyber Security Centre officially opened this week with a visit from Her Majesty the Queen. The Centre builds on the codebreaking legacy of Bletchley Park and will help Britain respond to the […]

Gartner: 20% of market to use mobile credentials and cloud-based physical access control by 2020

Two recent reports from Gartner Inc. have the security industry buzzing as they predict a rapid migration to cloud-based physical access control systems (PACS) and mobile credentials. The Predicts 2017 report suggests that by 2020, 20% of organizations will use mobile credentials for physical access in place of traditional ID cards. Read about how 20 percent […]

What do the data breach notification laws mean?

Read Stephen Withers explain what the data breach notification laws mean on Bit : The passage of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Bill 2016 establishes a mandatory data breach notification scheme in Australia. “I look forward to working with government, business and consumer groups during transition to this new scheme; which will help protect the privacy […]

New Mexico close to data breach bill

New Mexico’s House of Representatives passed a data breach bill on Wednesday night by a unanimous vote, according to the Grant County Beat. Bill 15, known as the Data Breach Notification Act, was sponsored by Rep. Bill Rehm (R-Bernalillo). It will require service providers to put in place reasonable procedures to safeguard personally identifying information (PII) […]