Teach your employees how to survive an active shooter situation

The first few moments of an active shooter scenario are the most critical, and the death toll can rise or fall depending on two important factors: police response time and the reaction of people in the area. In the end, knowing what to do can mean the difference between death and survival. One of the […]

The threat of a lone-wolf attack: Inside the inauguration security effort

Outside of Washington sits a center that serves as a major security hub for the upcoming inauguration. More than 40 agencies from all levels of government gather here to coordinate their efforts. As they work to plan security for the event, they have at least one major concern: the threat of lone-wolf terrorists. The possibility […]

Maritime program group expands insurance service

A new insurance policy will expand its ocean marine coverage to include terminal operators, commercial shipyards, ship repairers, stevedores, wharfingers and port authorities. Maritime Program Group said the following about the policy: We are thrilled to be able to expand our Swiss Re underwriting facility to help offer our retail agents a package solution on […]

Dyn Research-Only 4 Out Of 10 UK Organisations Currently Monitoring Their Network Activity

Dyn, the internet performance management company, today publish new findings into the impact internet disruptions have on UK organisations, as well as revealing how prepared UK businesses are in mitigating the risks these disruptions pose. Read more about the new survey by Dyn Research which reveals that four out of ten companies in United Kingdom […]

Data Theft Trends to Watch in 2017

Theft – and even data theft – is as old as human civilization. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t ever changing. As 2017 dawns, we look at what trends in data theft and data breaches await us in the New Year. Read more about the data theft trends for 2017 on Digital Guardian.

5 Golden Security Rules to Live by in the New Year

Read Dan Kaplan’s article about five golden security rules for 2017 on Trustwave Blog : With the New Year upon us, it is time to brace for what 2017 has in store. From continued ransomware assaults to ignored or unaddressed vulnerabilities (including in Internet of Things devices and among passwords) to payment attacks, the next 12 months […]

Cloud Ready Threat Detection & Response

Read Amy Blackshaw’s article about cloud ready threat detection and response on RSA Blog : Organizations are leveraging third party cloud environments for increasingly critical data, applications, and infrastructure. The agility and potential cost savings that both public and private (virtual) clouds offer mean that the business can be more efficient and gain operational and […]

How to Explain the Meteoric Rise of Threat Intelligence

Read how there has been a meteoric rise in threat intelligence on Recorded Future : For the past couple of years it seems like threat intelligence is everywhere. Every vendor offers a threat intelligence solution, every organization seems to be using it to some degree. At security conferences it feels like you just can’t escape the […]

Whitelist Relationships as a Path to Better Security

Read Ean Meyer’s article about how whitelisting relationships helps cyber security on Trip Wire : Implicit deny and explicit allow were two core fundamentals from the start of the information security discipline. However, as the scale and complexity of infrastructures grew, it became evident the list of things we should allow is exponentially smaller than the […]

IBM’s Watson Joins the War on Cybercrime

Watson, a computer system loaded up with access to massive databases and machine learning, had to be primed for this new role. In the first phase of the learning process, Watson was given a large number of technical reports, blog posts, news stories, textbooks, and social media posts, as well as notes from IBM pros. […]