Organizations Shouldn’t Ignore Threat of Mining Malware

A report by NTT Security has warned that organizations could be targeted by malware designed for mining cryptocurrency.

Researchers a NTT Security’s Global Threat Intelligence Center (GTIC) share their research into a type of malware solely designed to mine Monero (XMR), a form of cryptocurrency affording its users the greatest amount of anonymity. “Monero mining malware is installed on the victim’s computer or smartphone without their knowledge and, once installed, it uses the victim’s computing resources and electricity supply to mine cryptocurrencies. And the rewards go directly to the hacker, not the owner of the computer. Device owners might not suspect a thing,” Terrance DeJesus, Threat Research Analyst at NTT Security, said.

Based on its visibility into 40 percent of global internet traffic and data from a wide range of threat intelligence sources, NTT Security has revealed that cyber criminals are primarily using phishing emails as the primary tactics to gain a foothold on a targeted system, which attackers can then leverage to mine XMR with the victim’s resources.

Read more about the findings of NTT Security’s Global Threat Intelligence Center on mining malware on Security Magazine.

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