OCR Warns Health Care Industry of Risks with Previous Employees

In its November newsletter, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) made a great point that we are seeing in the industry—the risks associated with previous employees. Read the full article here.

Cognitio’s Context:  We are seeing a disturbing insider threat trend impacting operations and causing corporate harm in the days leading up to an employee’s departure from an organization. Whether termination or resignation, an employee’s pending departure from your organization increases the chance that data leaks or sabotage will occur that could impact operations, lead to the loss of competitive advantage, affect shareholder value, or result in embarrassment and devaluation of image and brand.  See 3 Ways to Mitigate Insider Threat Risk Prior to an Employee’s Departure for actionable insights on mitigating this risk. 

To learn more about taking a strategic approach to mitigating your organization’s unique insider threat risk, contact Cognitio Corp for an overview of the Insider360 framework.

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