Nearly half of security pros rarely change their security strategy, even after a cyber attack

Nearly half (46 percent) of IT security professionals rarely change their security strategy substantially – even after experiencing a cyber attack. This level of cyber security inertia and failure to learn from past incidents puts sensitive data, infrastructure and assets at risk, according to CyberArk.

An overwhelming number of IT security professionals believe securing an environment starts with protecting privileged accounts – 89 percent stated that IT infrastructure and critical data are not fully protected unless privileged accounts, credentials and secrets are secured.

Respondents named the greatest cyber security threats they currently face, including: Targeted phishing attacks (56 percent), Insider threats (51 percent), Ransomware or malware (48 percent), Unsecured privileged accounts (42 percent) and Unsecured data stored in the cloud (41 percent).

Read more about the findings of the research conducted by CyberArk on Help Net Security.

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