How much should CXOs trust vendors when purchasing new solutions?

Technology buyers tend to use multiple resources when researching products, because none are perfectly adequate or trustworthy. The results are showcased in a report from technology review platform TrustRadius. It studied buyer preferences, vendor impact, and looked at the trust gap in B2B technology.

It conducted research with 438 buyers and 240 vendors. Its B2B Buying Disconnect study wanted to research the vendor perspective, and compare how vendors attempt to influence buyers against how buyers make purchasing decisions. It found that vendors focus on providing material that buyers do not often use nor find very influential or trustworthy. Buyers use about five sources of information: Product demos, user reviews, vendor website, free trial, and vendor representatives. Buyers think that a vendor’s website and representatives are less trustworthy and less influential than the other sources.

Read more about the findings of the new report by TrustRadius on ZDNet.

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