Latvian mobile operator invites cyber attackers to have a go

Mobile telecommunications services in Latvia, a small republic on the frontier between the European Union and the old Soviet Union, may already have been the target of a cyber attack in August 2017. Now Latvijas Mobilais Telefons (LMT), the country’s largest mobile operator, is inviting would-be belligerents to test their cyber weapons on its network — or rather, on a simulation of it, called the Mobile Cyber Range.

The range was used by NATO’s Cooperative Cyber Defense Centre of Excellence as part of Exercise Crossed Swords in February 2018. Crossed Swords is the training ground for the “red team” that simulates attacks on NATO cyber infrastructure in another NATO exercise, Locked Shields. Like a traditional shooting range, LMT’s Mobile Cyber Range is a place to test-fire weapons, in this case malware intended to interfere with carriers’ wireless networks or the mobile devices that connect to them, without anyone in the real world getting hurt, according to Armands Meirans, a B2B Solutions Manager at LMT.

Read more about LMT’s Mobile Cyber Range that allows security researchers wanting to test the kind of malware that could break public networks to do so safely on CSO.

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