Insider threats and the misuse of privileged credentials

IT professionals may understand what their most valuable assets are, but they are still struggling to safeguard IT assets against the unpredictability of human behaviour.

Whilst HR and finance departments are the easiest target for social engineering, it is in fact IT staff who pose the biggest insider risk to networks, whether caused by accidental or intentional actions. This is largely due to IT staff often possessing higher access rights than other users. This includes access to business-critical data through the IT systems they manage and control, making them a prime target for cyber criminals.

According to new research from Balabit, 35% of IT professionals see themselves as the biggest internal security risk to networks within their organisation. The global survey, undertaken in the UK, US, France and Eastern and Central Europe, examines attitudes to insider threats and the misuse of privileged credentials.

Read more about the survey on Help Net Security.

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