Hundreds of Bitcoin-mining servers stolen in Icelandic heist

Criminals have stolen approximately 600 servers from Icelandic data centers used to mine cryptocurrency. Over the weekend, the Associated Press reported the theft, which law enforcement says is one of the biggest series of thefts Iceland has ever experienced. Mining rigs are powerful computers bent to the task of mining cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. While standard consumer PCs are not powerful enough for mining tasks without the addition of decent GPUs, the kind of equipment you find — usually — safe and locked away in data centers is capable of mining far more successfully and on a larger scale.

The stolen equipment is estimated to be worth close to $2 million. While 11 individuals have been arrested in connection with the thefts — including a security guard — the equipment has not been recovered. It was hoped that by keeping quiet for a few months, law enforcement would be able to track down the thieves and stolen hardware. According to Visir, the servers were only a financial loss as no data was stored on the systems.

Read more about the theft of roughly 600 servers in what was one of the biggest criminal operations Iceland has ever seen on ZDNet.

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