Human factor: The Blindspot in Cybersecurity

As a major international centre for trade, finance and logistics, a cyberattack on Singapore’s network could potentially impact the wider regional and global economy. Despite the rapidly changing face of cyberattacks in this digital age, many logistics companies continue to rely heavily on traditional programmes and tools to tighten their security infrastructures.  Read the full article here.

Cognitio’s Take:  This article captures how a holistic approach involving technology and consideration of human behaviors best postures organizations to mitigate digital risk. We assess that one of the biggest threats to an organization is a trusted actor who has access to core data that could cause disruption of services or change data in ways that damages the corporate brand. This digital risk is increasing as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow, further complicating management of this type of business risk. For actionable recommendations to put in place against this threat, see Cognitio’s latest paper on mitigating IoT device and insider risk here.

To learn more about taking a strategic approach to mitigating your organization’s digital risk contact Cognitio Corp for an overview of the Cyber360  framework.

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