Hackers target ad networks to inject cryptocurrency mining scripts

Hackers are now injecting cryptocurrency mining scripts into web advertising platforms to make a quick buck, security researchers have found. Trend Micro wrote in a blog post this week that its researchers tracked web miner traffic linked to MSN.com, a popular ad-supported home page, which was displaying an ad that was using a computer’s processor to silently mine cryptocurrency in the background.

Hackers had injected the widely-used Coinhive code into an ad supplied by the AOL advertising network. Trend Micro alerted AOL to the bad ad, which — two days later — was pulled offline. The researchers didn’t say how many visitors were exposed to the cryptocurrency mining ad. The page is the landing page for millions, and typically home by default to Internet Explorer users.

Read more about this latest twist in how hackers are using distributed mining methods to make money on ZDNet.

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