Global security trends for 2018: GDPR, identity and access security

In its third annual global IT security survey, Versasec found Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is impacting security planning around the world, smart card deployment is on the rise, and that many companies continue to rely on the inadequate protection offered by user names and passwords alone.

These results and more came from IT and security professionals in EMEA, North America and Asia/Pacific regions. The survey showed that users remained consistent year-over-year in what they believe are their greatest security challenges: mobile, BYOD, and cloud usage.

For more than half of the respondents, the GDPR which goes into effect in May 2018, is weighing heavily into their current security strategy decisions, with that number climbing to nearly 70% for EMEA-based companies. Even in other regions, the GDPR will be impactful, according to nearly one in three North American-based respondents, and more than half of the respondents from the Asia/Pacific region.

Read more about the findings of the Versasec global IT security survey on Help Net Security.

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