Four misconceptions around compensating controls

As the New Year celebrations come to a close, the deadline to become compliant with the EU’s new consumer protection regulation GDPR is creeping closer. With this new law coming into effect in late May, businesses around the world are running out of time to prepare or else risk facing reputation and financial ruin.

The best preparation will include companies phasing out the use of compensating controls to ensure proper compliance and the health of their company. Many businesses will inquire as to why they should get rid of the controls as these solutions have been working well for them to date. However, they should be warned that these make do solutions won’t work for them long term or protect the business from legal and financial consequences should something go wrong.

Read what Geoff Forsyth, CTO at PCI Pal, thinks are the top four misconceptions around the use of compensating controls to adhere to PCI DSS on Help Net Security.

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