Have you evaluated the cost of a cloud outage?

New findings from a study by Veritas Technologies, indicate that 60 percent of respondents have not fully evaluated the cost of a cloud outage to their business and are therefore ill prepared to deal with the impact of an outage. While cloud service providers offer infrastructure-based service level objectives, the research indicates that many organizations fail to understand their own responsibility, in addition to that of the cloud service providers’, in ensuring that their critical business applications are adequately protected in the event of an outage.

The study surveyed 1,200 global business and IT decision makers. It revealed that 99 percent of IT decision makers reported that their organizations will move systems to the cloud in the next 12 to 24 months. 27 percent also expect to outsource all on-premises infrastructure to the public cloud. While migration to the cloud continues to accelerate, it is imperative that customers understand how an outage could impact their business. 36 percent of respondents expect less than 15 minutes of downtime per month but the reality is that 31 percent have experienced downtime more than double that per month (31 minutes or more).

Read more about the findings of the study by Veritas Technologies on Help Net Security.

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