Discover hidden cybersecurity talent to solve your hiring crisis

Not having access to technical talent is a common complaint in the cybersecurity world. Folks with security experience on their resumes are in such high demand, CISOs need to hunt beyond the fields we know. CISOs need to embrace diversity not only of bodies but of talents and experiences. They can start by focusing on acquiring the key cybersecurity skills beyond hacking and managing security tools. Effective cyber defenders leverage their business and managerial skills, including:

  • Identifying, quantifying, and explaining risk to the organization’s key activities
  • Understanding the value of information and its unique qualities
  • Recasting business processes to reduce risk while retaining their value
  • Communication skills
  • A clear understanding of the principles of contract law, negligence, and customer obligations.

You will find that you can build upon these foundational skills with technical training to level-up new cybersecurity professionals.

Read more about how CISOs can discover hidden cybersecurity talent to solve the hiring crisis on Help Net Security.

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