How To Defend Against Insider Threats

The New York Times recently reported the NSA discovered, yet again, that another batch of its secret code had been obtained by the mysterious Shadow Brokers. If you are keeping track, the Shadow Brokers first struck the NSA in 2013, exposing hidden vulnerabilities in Windows that ultimately fueled the WannaCry ransomware and its worldwide crime spree. Read the full article here.

Cognitio’s Take:  We caution that user behavior analytics (UBA) solutions are useful for identifying user activity patterns and detecting unexpected activity, yet do not consider the motivational attributes of which specific employees may be predisposed to conduct insider activity. Understanding employee predisposition can help prevent the activity from occurring in the first place and better protect your company’s employees, assets, and corporate image. 

To learn more about taking a strategic approach to mitigating your organization’s unique insider threat risk, contact Cognitio Corp for an overview of the Insider360framework.

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