Cryptocurrency mining malware now as lucrative as ransomware for hackers

A newly uncovered cybercriminal cryptocurrency mining malware operation which borrows infection techniques from advanced hacking campaigns has earned those behind it behind it millions of dollars thanks to an army of thousands of hijacked computers. Cryptocurrency mining has become a popular means for cyber crooks to earn money. The attacks are successful because the mining malware remains hidden while it uses the infected PC’s processor to carry out its task. While increased cooling fan activity might be noticeable in some instances, the average user isn’t going to think about it as much as a concern, let alone make the link to being infected with malware.

A campaign by a a group of unnamed ‘sophisticated’ threat actors is potentially one of the most lucrative cryptocurrency mining operations discovered to date, with analysis by security company Kaspersky Lab suggesting this campaign made the cyber criminals behind it millions of dollars in the second half of 2017. One of the reasons the cryptocurrency mining operation has proved to be so lucrative for one of the most successful groups observed is because the malware is deployed using techniques more usually associated with sophisticated and state-backed hackers.

Read more about how attack techniques usually reserved for advanced campaigns have helped a cybercriminal scheme exploit hacked PCs on ZDNet.

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