CISOs’ Cyber War: How Did We Get Here?

Jack Miller, Chief Information Security Officer of SlashNex, has spent a great deal of time on the front lines of the biggest conflict of our age: the cyber war. In almost 20 years as a security professional, he has reached the conclusion that while we are all fighting the good fight and winning some battles, we are ultimately losing the war.

Jack Miller is convinced that before we can stop fighting battles and start winning this cyber war, we need to understand how it got started. Every company today has some level of technical underpinning, and what makes it all work is software. One of the most powerful attack vectors for IT, therefore, has been software vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities, which can range from simple to fundamental, are intrinsic to every software product in every industry. We’ve come to accept software vulnerabilities as part of the package, but the question is why?

Read more about why vulnerabilities are part of doing business and which role they play in the cyber war Jack Miller thinks we are losing on DarkReading.

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