6 ways hackers will use machine learning to launch attacks

Defined as the “ability for (computers) to learn without being explicitly programmed,” machine learning is huge news for the information security industry. It’s a technology that potentially can help security analysts with everything from malware and log analysis to possibly identifying and closing vulnerabilities earlier. Perhaps too, it could improve endpoint security, automate repetitive tasks, and even […]

Allscripts recovering from ransomware attack that has kept key tools offline

Allscripts, the billion-dollar electronic health record (EHR) company headquartered in Chicago, IL said they were still working to recover from a ransomware attack that left several applications offline after data centers in Raleigh and Charlotte, NC were infected on Thursday. In a conference call for customers on Saturday, Allscripts’ Jeremy Maxwell, director of information security, […]

Rogue Chrome, Firefox Extensions Hijack Browsers; Prevent Easy Removal

Any malware that hijacks your browser to serve up ads or to redirect you to random websites can be annoying. Even more so are extensions that take control of your browser and prevent you from landing on pages that can help you get rid of them. Security researchers at Malwarebytes recently discovered extensions for Chrome […]

Cloud computing: Why a major cyber-attack could be as costly as a hurricane

The destructive tropical cyclone hurricane Katrina hit the US in 2005, causing $108bn in damage — but that could be exceeded by the cost of a major cyber-attack, according to one expert. “To compare the degree of economic cost, estimates now are that if attackers took down a major cloud provider, the damages could be […]

Pentagon considers nuclear response to retaliate for large cyber attacks

According to the draft for the Pentagon’s 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, the U.S. would consider using nuclear weapons to respond to non-nuclear attacks. While the Pentagon’s proposed policy change suggests the U.S. should “only consider the use of nuclear weapons in extreme circumstances to defend the vital interests of the United States or its allies and […]

Windows Meltdown-Spectre: Watch out for fake patches that spread malware

PC users already have to contend with buggy Meltdown and Spectre patches. But now they also need to be wary of cybercriminals exploiting uncertainty about the fix and where to get them. Germany’s equivalent of the NIST, the Federal Office for Security and IT (BSI), has issued an alert over spam that impersonates the agency. The spam […]

Four Malicious Google Chrome Extensions Affect 500K Users

The ICEBRG Security Research team discovered four malicious Google Chrome extensions during a routine investigation of anomalous traffic. More than 500,000 users, including workstations in major businesses around the world, have been affected. The team was analyzing an unusual spike in outbound traffic from a workstation at a European VPS provider. Upon further investigation of […]

DoS attacks against hard disk drives using acoustic signals

A group of Princeton and Purdue researchers has shown that it’s possible to mount a denial-of-service (DoS) attack against hard disk drives via acoustic signals. Hard disk drives (HDDs) have become the most commonly-used type of non-volatile storage due to their increased reliability, fault tolerance, storage capacity, and so on. “These technological advances in HDDs, […]

Kaspersky Lab Warns of Extremely Sophisticated Android Spyware Tool

An Italian IT company has been using spoofed web pages to quietly distribute an extremely sophisticated Android spyware tool for conducting surveillance on targeted individuals since 2015. In an advisory Tuesday, security vendor Kaspersky Lab described the tool, named Skygofree, as containing location-based audio recording capabilities and other functionality never before seen in the wild. Available telemetry […]

Online Fraud Increases 22% During Holiday Season

Online fraud attempts and general retail transaction volumes increased substantially during the 2017 holiday season, according to new benchmark data from ACI Worldwide. Fraud attempts in the period from Thanksgiving Day to December 31 increased by 22 percent, while the number of overall transactions increased by 19 percent. Fraud attempt rates were highest on Thanksgiving Day (1.94 percent, […]