Top Technology Trends in the Security Market to Look for in 2017

The shops are getting busy, and, depending on which hemisphere you live in, it’s either time to turn on the central heating or break out the shorts and shades. But it’s also time to look ahead to 2017 and wonder what it might have in store for us. Read about the top security market trends […]

5 Cybersecurity Priorities for Every SMB in 2017

Read Joel Snyder list five cyber security priorities for every small and medium enterprise in 2017 on Biz Tech Magazine : One security advantage small and medium-sized businesses had for years was simply being small. Given a low profile, most SMBs could fly under the radar when it came to information security, hoping they were obscure enough […]

The Threat Brief

Open Source Intelligence is just a beginning. But it is an important beginning. Tracking threats daily can help you and your team anticipate what will come next. Open Source threat briefings are foundational but almost never sufficient for reducing organizational risk. If you are in need of additional services please Contact Us for more information. For more see […]

Tailored Intelligence Reporting

The Daily Threat Brief is an open source intelligence report modeled after the concept of the President’s Daily Brief (PDB). Every day our analysts succinctly provide insights into global risk and security issues in ways that can reduce your personal and business risks and inform your strategic decision making. To ensure you never miss a […]


At we write about technology, with a focus on technology of relevance to enterprise technologists. The blog was founded by Bob Gourley, founder of Crucial Point, a high tech consultancy. Our premier publication is our monthly technology review. Every month we send this to over 32000 technology thought leaders. This monthly summarizes reporting from the blog as […]