What Exactly Is ‘Cryptojacking’, And How Can Businesses Respond To The Spiralling Cyber Threat?

Earlier this month, the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a report listing ‘cryptojacking’ as one of the biggest cyber threats facing UK businesses. But what exactly is cryptojacking, and how can technology be properly leveraged to protect businesses from this spiralling threat? Ben Williams, Director of Operations at Adblock Plus explains. “Cryptojacking is the act of […]

This cryptocurrency mining malware also disables your security services

A new form of cryptocurrency mining malware uses a leaked NSA-exploit to spread itself to vulnerable Windows machines, while also disabling security software and leaving the infected computer open to future attacks. The Python-based malicious Monero miner has been uncovered by researchers at security company Fortinet who’ve dubbed it PyRoMine. It first appeared this month and […]

Windows shops be warned: New Internet Explorer bug lets hackers hijack your system

Chinese cybersecurity company Qihoo 360 has discovered (translation necessary) a new Microsoft Internet Explorer zero-day exploit it says is already being used in the wild. Qihoo’s 360 Security Center said the zero day, which it calls a “double kill” due to targeting Internet Explorer and any other apps that use the IE kernel, is already being used […]

Mysterious cyber worm targets medical systems, is found on X-ray machines and MRI scanners

A newly discovered cybercriminal group is installing custom malware onto the systems of organisations in healthcare and related sectors in order to conduct corporate espionage. These targeted attacks are carried out against a small number of selected organisations as well as the supply chains which serve them, with the tactics and use of custom malware suggesting […]

Threat Actors Turn to Blockchain Infrastructure to Host & Hide Malicious Activity

In a troubling trend for enterprises and law enforcement, threat actors are ramping up their use of blockchain domains to hide malicious activity and improve their ability to withstand takedown efforts. Security vendor FireEye says it has observed a recent uptick in interest in cryptocurrency infrastructure in the cyber underground over the last year. Many different software […]

Most dangerous attack techniques, and what’s coming next

Experts from SANS presented the five most dangerous new cyber attack techniques in their annual RSA Conference 2018 keynote session in San Francisco, and shared their views on how they work, how they can be stopped or at least slowed, and how businesses and consumers can prepare. The five threats outlined are: 1. Repositories and cloud storage […]

Ransomware, stolen data or malware: How do online crooks really make their money?

The cybercriminal economy has hit global revenues of $1.5 trillion a year, according a nine-month long study which shows the vast scale of cybercrime and  how profits are acquired, laundered, spent and reinvested. “The metaphor of “cybercrime as a business” is no longer adequate to capture its complexities.” says the Into the Web of Profit report, commissioned […]

Gold Galleon hackers target maritime shipping industry

Researchers have uncovered a Nigerian hacking ring which targets maritime shipping firms in order to try and steal millions of dollars on an annual basis. On Wednesday, security experts from the Secureworks Counter Threat Unit (CTU) said that the previously unidentified “Gold Galleon” threat group specializes in business email compromise (BEC) and business email spoofing (BES) […]

This malware will take screenshots, steal your passwords and files – and drain your cryptocurrency wallet

A new strain of malware allows hackers to take action screenshots and steal passwords, to download files and even steal the contents of cryptocurrency wallets. Named ‘SquirtDanger’ after a dynamic-link library (DLL) file consistently served by its distribution servers, the malware is written in C Sharp and has multiple layers of embedded code. The malware is set […]

This ransomware was rewritten to mine cryptocurrency – and destroy your files

Cybercriminals are known to be shifting away from ransomware in favour of cryptocurrency mining, but those behind one form of malicious software have pivoted by re-purposing what was file-encrypting malware into something which now highjacks PCs for mining. Uncovered by researchers at Trend Micro, the cryptocurrency miner is said to be “distinctly similar” to XiaoBa, a […]